July 2016

Be Creative.

July 2016

July 2016

July 2016 | Vol. 13 No. 07

Featured Women

Diane Dunham Britton
Blending Vibrant Roots

Libby Ricardo
Hear Me Roar

Marjorie Gray
Find Your Happy

Molly Carrington
Turning Trash into Treasures

Cappy the Clown
The Power of Laughter

Lydia Inglett
A Way with Words

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Mary Lester
About the Artist

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs on every once and awhile

Inspirational Quote

Reel Corner
Patriotic Film Challenge

The Style Council
Catie Wolf: Budding Fashionista

Pink Prescriptions
The Skinny on Weight Loss

Skating Uphill

Auto Pilot
Demystifying Car Warranty Options

Community Calendar
Check out local events happening this month!

Featured Stories

Jasmina Kimova
Every Picture Tells a Story

Bummer Summer? Not!
5 Ways to Find Your Sizzle
The Inn on Mill Creek
Black Mountain's Serene Secret Hide-a-way
Summer Beauty
Chill Out and Makeup
Men and Their Chairs
Continuing the Celebration of Local Men

Hot Trends
In the Midst of Summer Make SUre Your Style is as Hot as You Are

Escape into a Great New Read
Dive into Mary Kay Andrew's New Hit The Weekenders

Hope's Law Will Affect You
The New Law on Mammography

Coastal Flavors

A Slice of Sweetness:
S.C. Bradford Watermelons Pack a Punch

From the Kitchen of
The Blue Dog Cafe at Lowcountry Store

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