Lydia Inglett

A Way With Words

by NancyLee Honey Marsh    Photography by Christian Lee

Lydia Inglett

A Way With Words


The little girl grasped the book with wide-eyed wonder. Mesmerized by the words, she discovered an enchanting link with the world, which would quickly become a permanent entanglement. “I was always a voracious reader, and I’m so thankful God chose to give us words,” declared Lydia Inglett, CEO and Publisher of Lydia Inglett Publishing and Although she is an award winning, national publisher of beautiful books on multiple topics, she never strayed from her Christian Southern roots, quietly reflected in her soothing demeanor. In her lovely home overlooking stunning marsh waters, we explored her journey from a shy childhood to successful executive. “I always wrote and painted. Art is another mainstay in my life, as I started lessons at age four. By age 14, I was trying to figure out a way to earn a living. My parents encouraged each of my interests, and my father repeatedly emphasized I could do anything I wanted if the desire was strong enough.”

And so it was, at age 17, Lydia began her publishing career with New Republic Magazine and Book Company. “By day I worked with them, but evenings were for my own business. Eventually, I was able to resign and pursue my own publishing career. It’s difficult to believe that was 40 years ago!”

It’s not difficult to believe, however, her favorite book is the Holy Bible. Since many of the books of the Bible are important not only as religious documents, but also as works of literature, Lydia not only reads and studies the Bible, she strives to live by its wisdom. “We live in a sinful world, and what is happening in our country reflects it. The Bible is a huge gift, and we have to read it for ourselves to know what we have.”

This past April, Lydia and her British husband, Jolyon Griffiths, visited Africa. “Oh, I’m telling you, sitting in that jeep and observing those beautiful animals in their native habitat. . . how could you not believe in God? My gosh, there was such great peace about the entire place and the people were so respectful,” she said. Jolyon, a barrister in London, had visited Africa several times and insisted Lydia must go. “He was so right. He has been such a blessing in my life, which changed the moment I met him.” She giggled, “I couldn’t even pronounce his name! We met in September 2013 in London, where I had expanded my publishing company and then married on Hilton Head in March 2014. She paused and smiled, “We feel we were only practicing until we met. We are each other’s biggest fans and constantly uplift one another.”

Which is also what Lydia does for her staff and the many authors with whom she develops long-term relationships. Through years of traditional publishing, Lydia developed her own unique business model and understands, “To produce a beautiful and salable book demands long hours and very comprehensive work. Publishing is a team game. It’s difficult to articulate what makes a good book, as there are so many facets that must be combined. My greatest rewards are in working with the authors, catching their vision, developing a flow and then seeing a tangible exquisite book as the result.”

Outstanding results have been Lydia’s hallmark, as for the second year in a row, her companies took top awards from Independent Publisher and Independent Book Publishers Association. Lydia beamed, “We compete with much larger publishing companies and bring home the Gold.”

Up Close:

Matrimonial Memory: “While discussing our new book, Meet Me Where I Am, with Edwina Hoyle, Executive Director of Memory Matters, we mentioned our marriage license was burning a hole in Jolyon’s pocket. Edwina graciously offered to marry us. Less than a week later, we exchanged our vows in the lovely little garden at Memory Matters. We laughed, danced and hurried off to our 4 o’clock appointment. Apologizing for being late, we excitedly declared we had just gotten married!”
For Fun: “I enjoy biking, Pilates. I’m fascinated with rowing. Jolyon and I love to dance and entertain.”
Revelation: “I’m a tomboy! My grandmother, Nervielee, not only taught me about nature and nutrition, but how to shoot!”
Clear and present goal: Her 2017 Art show
Her Strength: “If we fortify ourselves with what Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, ‘A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.’”
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