Libby Ricardo

Hear Me Roar

Photography by Christian Lee

Libby Ricardo

Assistant Professor of Theater University of South Carolina

at Beaufort
Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island
Lives in: Bluffton, SC
What I do: Actor. Director. Teacher.

What I love about what I do: I love seeing my students succeed. It is such an honor to witness their artistic and personal growth.

My favorite musical: I tend to get really into whatever project I’m working on. I just cast 9 to 5 at Beaufort Theatre Company and I’m elated. The music is infectious, fun and powerful. It’s going to be a fun show.

You had a role in Scariest Places on Earth television series. Do you believe in ghosts?   I haven’t given too much thought to the actual existence of ghosts. I’m easily frightened. Unexpected noises get a big reaction out of me. The idea of ghosts is somehow both terrifying and comforting. But as for their realness, I don’t know.

The last person who told me they loved me is… My husband, George Pate. We say ‘I love you’ constantly. While I was reviewing this questionnaire, he kissed my leg and told me he loved me. It’s important to say.

I admire people who… care without restraint or embarrassment. I just can’t get enough of people who are passionate. I promised myself a while ago I wouldn’t have guilty pleasures, that I would love what I love unabashedly. I work on that every day, but some people just live that way. It’s incredible.
I could not live without…   my Emily Ley daily planner. My days are filled with multiple classes, coaching sessions, volunteer obligations and rehearsals. I write everything down. I’d lose my mind without it.

Three things that drive me batty: Dishonesty, apathy and a lack of empathy
Something I take too seriously is… competition, in certain circumstances. I can be really too competitive when playing board games with George. We exercise together every day, and if I see a runner ahead of us, my competitive nature kicks in. Amazingly, that doesn’t seem to affect my artistic endeavors too much. I am as pleased by the good fortune of my colleagues as I am by my own personal successes. Ultimately, it feels like we’re accomplishing goals as a team.

One thing I need to start doing is…  
working on my lines for The Underpants. I was lucky enough to be cast in Lean Ensemble Theatre’s season opener and I’m thrilled. I am, however, abysmal with memorization. I like to start preparing early.

My hope for the future of the arts is… we will continue to invest in theater created for and by our community. I hope that artists will continue to explore training opportunities offered within the community. I hope we will learn from our artistic heritage and support our burgeoning future, both in terms of patronage and discourse.

You can hear me roar:
Support your community! Support local arts!