July 2018


July 2018

July 2018

July 2018 | Vol. 15 No. 7

Featured Profiles

Sondra Sykes Meek
Model Marine

Joyce Mungari
Tackling Life with Passion

Niki Clevenger
Hear Me Roar

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Perry Milou
About the Artist

Reel Corner

Lowcountry Life  - New!
Lowcountry Kindness

OMG! Moments
Being a Badass

Pink Prescriptions
Your Bodily Fluids and the Story They Tell

Pink-Mademann Makeover  - New!
Introducing Pink’s New Makeover Maven

Quote of the Month

Skating Uphill

Calendar of Events

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

There’s Magic in Those Mesmerizing Waves
A Story of Love at First Sight

Firecracker Fashion
Light Up Your Summer with Fun Fashion

Suicide Prevention
Be Informed and Connected

Be the Change
Splash Into Summer With 1 Juicy Goal

What Do You Love About America?
Coligny Plaza Patrons Speak Out

A League of Their Own
The Ladies of JSLB are Making a Difference Locally

Gavin Daly IS Knarly Gav
Living and Loving in the Extreme

My Secret Battle with Procrastination


Coastal Flavors

From the Kitchen of Le Cookery
The Thrill of the Grill

Dole Out Delicious
A Salute to Summer


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