What Do You Love About America?

Coligny Plaza Patrons Speak Out

July 2018 Issue

Pink went to Coligny Plaza on Hilton Head Island to ask people what they love about America. Happy tourists were glad talk to us and respond to our question:


“Looks like Freedom rings! We think it’s just nice to stop for a moment, remember what you love about America and be grateful—even if you’re from another country.  Happy July 4th everyone…Keep Calm and Stay Independent!”

“I love my freedom.” (Lenora, MI)

“The beach is beautiful.  The people are also so nice.” (Natalie, Argentina)

“Definitely my freedom and my liberty.  There are also a lot of job opportunities.  The culture is also so unique.” (Kendall, Costa Rica)

“My freedom is what I love most of all.” (Tammy, VA)

“I thank God every day for being an American. We have freedom and citizens who will back each other up in times of trouble—i.e. 9/11/2001. We can have an opinion and a voice on things we are passionate about. We may not agree politically, but that’s what freedom is about. We can worship where we choose and we have great Tex Mex back in my home state!” (Kathy, XX)

“I’M FREE!” (Jamila, GA)

“Being able to do whatever you want.  The food is also really great here.” (Matt, DC)

“My freedom is so important to me.  I am so glad that I have it.” (Karen, NC)

“I love apple pie; I also love playing sports with so many different cultures of people.  The diversity is so cool to see, it is a very communal place.” (Ethan, OH)

“My freedom is definitely what I love most.” (Daren, VA)

“I love our freedom, grit, innovation
and caring for each other. (Melissa, SC)

“America has a lot of opportunities and it is a lot easier to get a job here than in many other countries.  College is also very important in America, which I think is a great experience.” (Lily, SC)

“Working is actually somewhat fun here! I am able to meet so many different types of people from all different countries.” (Kim, Philippines)

“I can turn on the faucet and lo and behold—there’s water. America is a faucet —it pours forth everything we need and want as long as we work for it. Born in the USA!” (Frances, SC)

“I can worship God freely and pray anywhere at anytime.” (Ginger, GA)

“Freedom!  To worship, think, speak, gather, disagree.” (Judi, SC)

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