There's Magic in Those Mesmerizing Waves

A Story of Love at First Sight

HHHeroes 0718

July 2018 Issue

by Cindy Whitman 
Photography by Faithography

Founded in 1998 by longtime island resident and family entertainer Gregg Russell and his wife Lindy, Hilton Head Heroes was born out of a desire to help very ill children and their families enjoy a vacation that would not ordinarily be possible. The families stay in the HERO House located in Sea Pines Resort and are given gift certificates to local restaurants, grocery stores, and island amenities. Most recently, the local charitable organization hosted The Richards Family—Joshua, Katie, Gage (8) and Bo (5) from Logan, Ohio.

With the exception of mom, Katie, this was the first beach—any beach—visit for the rest of the family, and as these photos show, it made quite a beautiful impression. “It was a week of firsts,” said Katie. “Our first ever vacation as a family, the first time my husband and sons saw the ocean, and—best of all—it was the first time in nearly five years since Gage was diagnosed, that our family had one full week of "who cares". We didn’t have a care in the world. We just had fun as a family every single day. Gage still says the people at Hilton Head Heroes were magic, the way they made that happen. The memories will be with us forever.”

In October of this year Gage’s cancer will officially have been in remission for two years.

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