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July 2018 IssueArtist0718

One of the nation’s foremost recognized Pop artists, this month’s Pink cover artist Perry Milou is best known for creating pop culture contemporary art that frequently tributes global icons, Americana — like the striking Lady Liberty that graces our July cover—and celebrities such as Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, and his iconic painting of Pope Francis’ historic visit to America. In 2016, the spontaneous, non-commissioned portrait of the pontiff won Milou recognition as official licensed portrait artist by The World Meeting of Families. 

Employing a rich palette to create vibrant representational works coined by Perry as FINE POP, this quiet-spoken artist, husband, and deliriously happy father of two young children says he paints in a hybrid style, fluidly combining illustration and pop composition with technique. “Bold color is the forefront of my work. My FINE-POP painting is highly stylized, exciting and graphic.”

Critics and collectors have hailed Perry’s work for the past 20 years. Considered a talented forward-thinker with classic, iconic inspirations, Perry’s art has been described as alluring, brilliant, fresh, and glamorous. It’s also widely varied. He has created commissioned paintings for NFL football players and teams, international corporations such as CENTO, and a larger roster of private clients.

Born, raised, and currently living just outside of Philadelphia, which he patriotically refers to as the cradle of our nation, Perry says he is “inspired by life to create bright, bold imagery that affects people. It’s a passion that burns hot inside of me and has since I was a young boy.” These days, that passion is pouring out of Perry Milou.

He is literally pouring his heart out.

Thirteen years ago, after the diagnosis and successful treatment of a non-malignant brain tumor, Milou says his work took a soul-searching and more spiritual turn. “My thoughts turned to surrender and forgiveness and kindness. We need more kindness in our world today.”

To that end, two years ago, the Pop Fine artist created Spread Your Love­­—a collaborative art making experience that “expresses the true essence of shared frequency and vibration” by pouring cups of brightly colored polymer paint over hand carved wooden hearts that Milou creates as one-of-a-kind pieces of art. These private heart art parties, hosted by Milou who works alongside his guests, are, according to the artist: “A mantra between souls of sharing love, while surrendering to the spontaneous energy of poured paint onto hand carved wooden hearts.”

“Our magical earth is the home of over seven billion people. Just as each abstract heart is impossible to duplicate, we each have a living beating heart, yet no two hearts are the same,” the Spread Your Love website explains. “What is the same, without any doubt, is that our hearts are all evolved from an equal higher divine source. Through inspiration and shared recognition of this source energy, we co-create together on the cutting edge of time.”

Today, soulful Pop Fine artist Perry Milou continues to refine his brand and remains inspired to create bold new projects, while accepting commissions for both private and corporate clients, as well continually contributing to his roster of charitable organizations around the country.

Those interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting can find information at perrymilou.com. To learn more about Spread Your Love or to book a private heart painting party with the artist, go to spreadyourlove.us.

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