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Unleashing Your Brilliance with Modern Day Muses actually, I am not stuttering. I was just trying to find an acronym for some of the blessings we possess as women; they all begin with "I."  They all begin with "You" as well: You are Intuitive, Inspiring, and Imaginative. Women are creatures of multidimensional abilities. but unless we pay more attention to these blessings than to the qualities, skills, and situations that we lack, we fail to take advantage of our divine designs.
    Inside each of us is an abundance of intuitive wisdom, inspiring creativity, and imaginative vision - we all are our own Muse if we pay attention to our inner magnificence and grace.
    As you may or may not recall, the "Muses" are the mythical girls from ancient Greece that inspire mortals to write songs, dance, and be creative in all its forms (including how we think of ourselves).  In Pink's Modern Day Muse series, you will be introduced to the nine new and improved Muses (and a Bodyguard) and how they are more accessible to frazzled, modern day mortals. Each Muse will provide you with ways to creatively approach your world.
    We are all creative in our own unique way; you will be invited to embrace this power whether it is through how you parent your child, organize your closet, place photos in your scrapbook, or write your novel. In this time of volatile change, shaky economics, and other fear-provoking concerns, the ability to think creatively will bring you comfort by giving you a new perspective filled with joy, strength, and resourcefulness.  In what ways are you creative?
    The first Muse in our series is Aha-phrodite, the Muse of Paying Attention and Possibilities.
"Enter the garden and a Muse is there to greet you.  See before you a goddess of light  . . . bulbs.  Her light bulbs are the whimsical beacons of new ideas. You follow their glow and feel a little . . . lighter.
    Aha-phrodite energy is about paying attention. When mortals use this energy they awaken to the recognition of an idea and the expression of their unique originality, their singular uniqueness". ~The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)
    One way you can turn your thinking from worries and the "same ol' same ol'" to awakened ideas is by asking small questions, this sends our mind into creative exploration. But be careful, the mind cannot resist questions, including ones that do not serve us. Our subconscious WILL find answers to questions like, "Why aren't I as good as others?" "Why don't I ever finish anything?" and the answers may be harsh and based in fear rather than reality. Pay attention to what questions you ask, make them small so the mind is able to play with them without fear.
Pick one or two of the following questions and ask it over and over again without expecting an immediate answer.
.    What's one small thing I can give myself credit for doing?
.    I know I'm going to feel delight today, where will it be?
.    In what small way can I be kinder to myself today?
.    What small change can I make in how I'm approaching work to make it more "me?"
.    What small thought would feel good to think in this moment?
.    Think of a small question that would work best for you.
    Synchronize the asking of your question with a regular cue in your routine: a cell phone ringing, taking a shower, a red light. The more you ask it without forcing an answer, the stronger your possibility-radar will become.
    To make this exercise even more powerful, in a journal write down the question and any answers that bubble up - when we write down ideas, the Muse gives us more. There is beauty, inspiration, and beacons of joy everywhere, are you awake to them? What small thing in this moment is a source of joy for you?
Jill Badonsky is the international author of The NineModern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to CreativeInspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers and Other MortalsWanting to Live a Dazzling Existence. She has presented creative workshopssince 1985. Jill is director ofThe Muse is IN, a company that facilitates coaching and wellness through creativity, workshops,publications, and trainings. She is an artist, playwright, humorist, and columnist.  She runs a Coaching Club on Wellness/Weight Loss called Body Blissmas (and a Happy New Rear).   Jill's second book, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder is due out Dec 8 2008. Visit

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