I.T. Girl - August 2015

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by Heather Moon

Popular Apps:

MapMyRun is a great free app that tracks your activity, whether you’re running, biking or walking the dog. You can select predetermined routes based on your location, or even create and track your own.  You can also track your gear, which helps to avoid injuries by tracking the number of miles that are put on your shoes, telling you when it’s time for a new pair. 

GroupMe is a mobile group-messaging app that allows you to create groups and acts like a private chat room. It’s great for coordinating with co-workers, planning a party or keeping in touch with family.  It’s free to download and helps keep all of your group messages nice and organized, all together in one place. Best of all it works on every device, even your computer, so even your friend who doesn’t own a smart phone can be a part of the conversation.   

Skinny Mom is a great resource for everything health and fitness related. You’ll see everything from the latest fitness craze to the best foods for your hair and skin. After signing up for the free account you’ll have 100s of recipes and an entire fitness/workout index right at your finger tips. 

5 Reasons to Unplug

  1. To take a break. 
  2. To know yourself better. 
  3. To flex creative muscles.
  4. To spend time with family and friends.
  5. To get better sleep.

Phone Tips:

  • Trying to squeeze a group of friends into the frame and pressing the shutter button all at once is like a circus act. Instead, use the self-timer (the clock-looking icon at the top of your screen on iPhones) to take a burst of several photos, insuring you get at least one photo where no one is blinking.
  • Make reading in the dark easier by inverting the colors (the blacks go to whites and so on) to help alleviate eyestrain. 
  • If you ask Siri to “read my email” she will, and you’ll hear the senders name, the date/time of the message, and the subject line. You can also instruct her to “Read My Last Email”. 

Cool Tech Product: Petcube 

Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re not home? Well wonder no longer! Petcube is a small sleek camera that allows you to see, talk and play with your pet while you’re away. Its nifty two-way audio has a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to speak to your pet, helping to reduce separation anxiety or allowing you to scold them when they’re chewing on your new shoes. It also has a great laser feature that allows you to play with your pet while you’re not there, keeping them entertained and exercised.  Check in on your pet using your smart phone or tablet. The free app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and is also compatible with the Apple Watch. The monitor is wireless and connects to your home’s wifi, making it possible to put almost anywhere. The monitor is priced at $199 and is available on their website, petcube.com, and on Amazon.

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