March 2019


March 2019

March 2019

March 2019 | Vol. 16 No. 3

Featured Profiles

Joan Apple Lemoine
A Citizen of the World

Caitlin Lankowski & Ariana Hudson
Caitlin & Ariana See the World

Iris Ar-Raheem
A Love “Connection”

Caitlin Johnson
Hear Me Roar

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Amos Hummell
About the Artist

Reel Corner

Motivational Man
Wayne Beckley: Made in America

Pink Prescriptions

The HUGE Healthy Effect of Weight Loss

OMG Moments
Travel Travesties

Quote of the Month

Skating Uphill

Calendar of Events

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

The Wonder of Wanderlust
Tips for Tackling Travel

Women’s March
A Millennial Montage to Women in History

Wine Fest
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Spice Aisle: Fashion Color Trends
Spring/Summer 2019

Cramps Rhymes With Stamps
Here’s How to Lick ‘Em

3 Steps to Curb the Disease to Please


Coastal Flavors

Kikk Up the Flavor
with Kikkoman’s Fast & Easy Recipes

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