The Spice Aisle: Fashion Color Trends

Spring/Summer 2019

Fashion 0319

March 2019 Issue
by Sharon Mosley

Take time for a deep breath. Then take a stroll down the spice aisle, inhaling the exotic aromas—from pungent turmeric to zesty pepper to fresh sage—that have inspired the colors of a spirited fashion season. Here’s a list of the newest spicy hues to add to your clothes rack this year.

Fashion Colors 0319Not-so-mellow yellow. A current culinary favorite, turmeric, is a favorite color with the fashion crowd. The yellows this spring range in shade from amber to mustard to curry to gold. Wear variations of this color palette from head to toe for an ultrasophisticated look.

Red-hot cinnamon. The gingery reds and oranges are enlivening our style taste buds with feisty red hues infused with orange. Expect to see a wide range of these desert colors in everything from chile reds to saffron oranges to bright corals. Take a break from the “millennial pinks” of the last few seasons and up your fashion game with the bolder spice tones.

Going green for 2019. The herbal greens are blooming profusely this spring—in both womenswear and menswear collections. Natural colors for the utilitarian and military trends marching down the runways, soft olive tones are taking the place of the black neutrals for spring. Consider updating a professional wardrobe with a mossy green suit or sage green trench coat.

Coffee or tea? The earthy browns may be unlikely colors for warmer months, but this year, fashion designers are grounding their collections with darker neutral shades, contrasted with lighter neutrals such as mocha tan, creamy white and vanilla. This spring, stir some of these delicious fashion flavors into your morning style routine.

Lavender and other news. So, what’s happened to the bold violets of last year? Lady Gaga proved that they are not going anywhere for the moment when she turned up at the Golden Globes in her periwinkle Valentino couture gown with matching hair. Other pastels such as sky blue and candy pink are brighter and bolder and parading down the catwalks in sheer flowing dresses.

Lime slime. Reminiscent of the ‘80s, neon colors are another way to put some zing into your wardrobe this spring. For men and women, the neon colors that glow this spring are lime green, lemon yellow and hot pink. Sprinkle a few of these happy hues into your closet and brighten up the year ahead. Bring back color!

Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock

and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association.

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