May 2016

Be Smart.

May 2016

May 2016

May 2016 | Vol. 13 No. 05

Featured Women

Sophie Weisz Miklos
My American Dream

Lindsay Gifford
Hear Me Roar

Mary Jo Berkes
A Library Legacy

Haiti Outreach Ministry
Charity Angels...Celebrating Those Who Give of Themselves

Dr. Tracy Leaver-Williams
This Doctor's on Fire

Cynthia Hayes, Ph.D.
The Heart of Education

Lisa Drakeman
The Philanthropic Heart

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Masha D'yans
About the Artist

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs on every once and awhile

Inspirational Quote

Reel Corner
Sally Field—Star of the Month and “Hello, My Name is Doris”

Community Calendar
Check out local events happening this month!

Featured Stories

A Vehicle to Tell Granny's Story
Sarah Hudson Grant: Historic Daufuskie Island Midwife

Flight Patterns

Karen White's New Release is All the Buzz

Dog Days are Great for Business!
Meet the Working Dogs of Beaufort County

Be Smart About Balance
Women in Business

Pink's Annual Pet Yearbook
Cute, Cuddly ... and Bad?

Coastal Flavors

Bee Inspired.
Sweet Savannah Bee Recipes

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