Lindsay Gifford

Hear Me Roar

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What I do: Design your favorite magazine each month!
What I love about what I do: My amazing team and I begin with nothing on day one and by day 30 we have tangible proof of our hard work each month. And… there is not much I love more than a well-designed page!

My biggest accomplishment to date: Most people would expect it to be that I’ve lost 100 lbs in 2 years or that I can now consecutively walk seven miles at a fast pace, but my biggest accomplishment is that I’ve inspired others to begin the same journey and made a difference in their lives.

My advice to others trying to achieve a major goal: Create willpower. No one else can do it for you and it’s the only way you’ll ever persevere and reach your goals, whether it’s working a few extra hours to stand out or choosing not to swing through the drive through, it’s all in your head. Set reasonable goals and reward yourself for reaching them, small accomplishments are stepping stones. Without them you have no foundation.

I just turned 30. Three things I want to leave in my 20s are?
1) My need to control everything. I’m sure everyone that knows me well is cracking up!
2) Clutter. It’s a constant catalyst in my life, but I continue to fight the good fight.
3) My size 24 pants. I bid you farewell, forever!

I love to: Smile, especially at random strangers…I like to think it brightens their day!

The No. 1 thing on my bucket list is: Travel abroad to Ireland and Scotland to visit the beautiful castles, cliffs and rolling green hills.

My biggest pet peeve is: drives me crazy! The only way I figured out how to answer random questions about myself is because I googled it, haha. In all seriousness, you never learn by others doing for you.

The most random thing in my purse right now is: My sail and sign from a cruise over a month ago! I guess it keeps reminding me that I still haven’t posted my pictures of our trip to the Bahamas. #vacayfail

If I could have dinner with anyone (living or not), I would choose________because: Jane Austen. One of my favorite authors of all time. I’d ask if where I can find my own Mr. Darcy that can make me “completely, perfectly, incandescently happy.”

My last Ah Ha moment was: That I can go on vacation... and the whole Pink world will not actually fall apart.

If I could take a continuing ed class I would take: Gardening, I have a perpetual black thumb.

I have faith that: My “creative juices” and passion for Pink are reflected in every issue that hits the stands. I truly believe women are amazing, we should empower one another to reach for the stars.

You can hear me roar: Each month in Pink Magazine. You may not see my name or face in the magazine, but I am all over it—through the designs, coastal flavors (my baby), and the articles—I leave a mark on every page. After seven years creating magazines for our amazing readers, I feel connected with each and everyone of you!