Hissy Fit - February 2017


For those of you who follow Pink, you know I have lost 72 pounds. Well, in 2016 I gained 30 of it back after keeping it off three years. Of course I want to have a hissy fit about it, and yes, I am mad at myself, but neither of these actions serve me nor change it. So, this hissy fit is going to be different; I am not going to beat myself up. I am going to be gentle, nurturing and kind to myself. After all, it is pain and heartache that got me to this point. I don’t need any more.

How often do you beat yourself up over something you either did or didn’t do? I do it all the time without intending to. My brain talks to me incessantly: “Why have you done this?” “Just look at you now.” “What a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into again.” “I knew you’d gain it back.” “Your clothes are tight.” “Really?”

Why do our brains want to bring us down and keep us there? The constant dialogue going on in our heads can make or break our attitudes, goals, dreams and even our spirits. Can you believe negative self-talk is a topic on WebMD? It’s a real thing and it is harmful. However, it can be helpful if turned into positive self-talk. To do that, we have to stop the perpetual negative chatter and begin a positive dialogue with ourselves. In doing so, this is what I would say to myself:

Dear Elizabeth,
Girl, don’t you dare fret about the weight you've put on over the past year. It was a hard year, and let’s be proud of just getting through it. Whenever anyone fights a battle, there are wounds. Yours happen to be in the form of weight. You are not the only one who has turned to the fridge for peace and comfort. I actually think you did pretty good, considering. Besides, your weight doesn’t define who you are. You are still the person you have always been and I like you.

I taught you a mantra years ago that I want you to pull out and live by: You cannot change anything that has already happened. What’s done is done. All you can do is start right now and decide what is important and what you want moving forward. You can do this! You’ve done it before with great success. And, remember, you had fun doing it. Your attitude rocked! It wasn’t a chore, you felt great and it ignited your power. Go back to the basics and do what you know. Believe in yourself. Know without doubt you deserve this. Remember this is about celebrating you, not punishing you. You are going to be healthy, feel good and look great!

These 30 pounds served you well by providing extra armor to protect your heart and soul. You’re stronger now, Sweetheart, and you don’t need them anymore. Let them go. They need to help someone else now. You’re going to be OK. Trust yourself. Honor yourself. Celebrate who you really are and what your future can hold. It’s going to be fabulous and I’m going to help by staying positive. If you catch me talking negative, please redirect my thoughts. We can do this and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to feel the energy, to work hard, and to see the results. What a reward! And, we can shop for new clothes. I just love trying on clothes when we can fit into fun sizes and look so good, girl!

Let’s get going and do it together. You take 15 and I’ll take 15 and before we know it, we’ll be there. I’m smiling. I’m pumped! Aren’t you? Oh, and can we start our beach walks again and sprints…I really like sprints. Think of the sunrises we will see. Thanks for reminding me to stay positive. This feels so much better. I actually can feel the excitement of victory. Oooh, this positive thinking gets me going! I Love You!

Elizabeth’s Brain

All of us are fighting some battle. What are you beating yourself up over right now?
There’s no need. Sit down and write yourself a gentle, positive letter. Print it out and read it multiple times
a day, if necessary. If you’ve already blown your New Year’s resolution, don’t give up. Gently dig in
and get going. Put your boxing gloves down, girl. Let’s kill it with kindness…to ourselves.

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