Publisher - April 2024

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.”  — Zig Ziglar

20 years! It’s hard to believe 20 years has passed since I hesitantly turned in my two-weeks notice at the last corporate job I ever held to start my own company—Millen Publishing Group, LLC. Pink was born at my home in Hilton Head Plantation in a small room beside the kitchen that I converted into an office. I had no idea what to expect, and I really had no solid game plan on how to get the idea out of my head, onto paper, and into the hearts of women across Beaufort County. I believe the thing I had going most for me is I didn’t overthink it. I just did it, in no particular order, and nonetheless, the first issue of Pink Magazine came out on April 1, 2004. It was exciting, and before I knew it, its momentum was rolling, and we were on our way.

Our slogan back then was “Get in. We’re going places!” In hindsight, it was more of a goal, and we reached that goal over and over again. Pink has provided so many blessings, opportunities and “places” for me and my staff to go, though hardly any of it ever involved travel. Our treasure has come through people and connections—our advertisers, the women we’ve featured, the tens of thousands of women who have attended the Pink Partinis, and all the readers—hundreds of thousands of readers—maybe millions—from all over the world.

I am so touched when someone tells me they mailed a copy to their daughter, or their friend, or sister or mother. That certain articles moved them, helped them heal, or inspired them. I had a mother tell me her daughter went through divorce the same time as I did, and my articles helped her through it. She said her daughter kept my articles in her Bible beside her bed. That blew me away—so incredibly humbling.

One wonderful woman told me she mails magazines every month to everyone in her cul-de-sac back in Maryland where she moved from. They all love it! One day, back when Hillary Clinton was running for President, our office phone rang, and everyone’s caller ID lit up—Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sure enough, it was her DC office, top aid calling to see if we would do a story on her. I don’t care what your politics are, it is exciting when the magazine you own and started in your kitchen makes an impact important enough for a strong presidential hopeful and former First Lady to call. (If you’re wondering, we did a nice, non-political story on her, and it’s the only time I received hate mail—cut out and pasted letters and all. We were not campaigning.)

Everyone adores our cover art, and it has become a thrilling passion of mine to find great talent both here at home, around the US, and all over the world. We have featured artists from all seven continents with great honor. I have to exalt all of our cover artists. We have had the grand fortune of artists wanting to work with us and even create art special for us. Back when I was marketing director for a daily newspaper, it was my job, along with the editor-in-chief, to decide the above-the-fold lead story. This story was the “big” news of the day, the story that would motivate non-subscribers to buy a paper. From the experience I gained there, I learned how important it is for the cover to inspire people. Pink Magazine’s covers are not only inspirational, but also beautiful, colorful, invigorating, and emotional. Please read more about some of our covers by legendary artists on page 24.

Pink Magazine has served as my personal journal for 20 years. I have let you all in on much of my inner self and how I process life’s ups and downs. I was 38 years old when the first Pink rolled off the giant printing press and into my hands. I sobbed. It was a giant release of fear and stress, mixed with a sense of accomplishment and tangible hope for the future. I wish I could say it has gotten easier over the years, but it hasn’t. It is a huge feat every month that involves a multitude of moving parts and people, creativity on demand, sales and business skills, and challenging, fast-paced deadlines that do not wait on anyone—not even 20-year veterans. The beauty of it all is the silver linings inside each grueling part. Those silver linings are people. They are YOU. Everyone that’s involved, and while it’s easy to think that doesn’t go further than the staff putting it together…it actually encompasses the entire world.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to anyone and everyone who has ever touched Pink. I have grown immensely and learned valuable life lessons though it all. I have learned to see beauty where I didn’t before. I have learned patience and urgency. I raised and provided for my children through this journey. I have almost lived my entire adult life through developing the pages of this magazine, and it is a life—the good, the difficult and the unbearable—I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Pink’s mission from day one has been emPower, Inform, eNcourage and evoKe thought. Because we have always stayed true to these five words, with the determination to move our readers’ lives forward in some way and be a positive light for the community, this magazine has been blessed. Sometimes, I know for sure we are getting an A for effort from above. He knows the depth of our hearts and sees our dogged devotion and allows this magazine to thrive. And in doing so, our lives are better, and we pray yours is, too.

Think Pink,
Elizabeth Millen