When Buying a Home

Planning is Important

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Like most things, real estate goes in cycles. In 2005 and 2006 the Hilton Head and Lowcountry market was at the top, while 2008 saw the fewest number of sales. By 2013, we saw a stabilization in prices.
Beginning in 2016 and up to the present, the market is on an upswing.

When buying a home, it is always best to be prepared. Write down a description of your dream home. Meet with a mortgage lender to get an idea of their procedures and for how much you will be able to borrow. Once you get serious about buying go ahead and get pre-approved! Do not make any big purchases during this time and continue to save for your down payment. It is best to put down 20 percent of the purchase price and finance 80 percent or less. This way you will not be required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). However, there are programs where as little as 3 percent down and financing 97 percent are available.

One very important step is to get with a professional realtor; one who knows the market and will listen to you and understand your wants and needs. Your realtor should work for your best interest. A professional should know if a property is priced appropriately. They will be your negotiator and will help keep the deal together throughout the purchase process. Your realtor can provide a list of home inspectors, mortgage lenders, closing attorneys and more. Your realtor should understand that buying and/or selling real estate, especially if it is your primary home, is one of the most important financial transactions most individuals or couples will make in their lifetime. We understand how emotional the process can be. A professional realtor should be with you every step of the way and ready to answer any questions.

If you are ready to buy some Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry real estate, now is a great time! Prices are projected to continue to go up, mortgage rates are projected to increase, and if you are renting, in most cases owning makes more financial sense. If you are considering picking up a second home, you owe it to yourself and your family to start living the island lifestyle and making long lasting memories at the beach now!

Now is a great time to start enjoying the Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry lifestyle.
>> Buy For The Future! The Lowcountry long-term rental market is very hot. Buying today at current prices, selections, and bank rates and then putting the home into a long-term rental program until you are ready to move here is a strategic, cost-effective way to help pay for your Hilton Head area real estate.
>> Enjoy The Island Lifestyle! It has been proven that living at the beach can add more enjoyment and extend your life…it is time to start making memories
>> Historically, Real Estate Ownership Is A Good Money Move! A leveraged investment, forced savings, substantial tax benefits and a hedge against inflation.

Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry home inventories are still at a low level, which means sellers have less competition in the market.  
>> Now Is A Good Time To Be A Move Up Buyer! A seller of a lower priced home today will get a better deal on buying a more expensive property.
>> Bank Rates Are Low And Buyers Are Buying! Your home needs to be a good deal, and in the current HGTV generation, buyers want it now and want it to be in top condition. We see every day where properties, which have been updated, sell far faster than ones that still have popcorn ceilings, old kitchens and baths.
>> Select a REALTOR Who Is in the Market and has strong market knowledge, does print and local TV advertising, has a website and will effectively use social media to promote your property. In addition your realtor needs to have the respect of their fellow realtors, superior negotiating skills and a long history of satisfied clients and excellent referrals.
>> Time to Get On With Your Life! There is a reason why you are considering selling your property. It may be a move up, job relocation, or a larger/smaller family. Keep your eyes on the goal and how best to reach it.


The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty is located at the Main Street office, 81 Main Street Suite 201. Charles is the founding partner of Charter One North. He, along with his wife, Frances, has lived on Hilton Head Island since 1972, and daughter, Angela, has lived in the Lowcountry all her life. The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group can be reached at 843-681-3307. Charles Sampson can be reached at 843-384-7300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Their website is www.CharlesSampson.com

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