The Colors of Our Lives

Adult Coloring is All the Rage


It was such fun and a wonderful diversion from real life. Remember the coloring books we were given when out to dinner with our parents or at Christmas? Coloring books gave us creative time, staved off childhood restlessness and usually resulted in a satisfying kaleidoscope of color. Coloring has long been associated with children, but guess what? It's also an adult therapeutic event to handle, of all things, stress. So off I went to a color guru and artist for insight into this revitalized activity.

As I walked into Picture This Gallery, a stunning jet-black, green-eyed feline called Fish, sauntered over to me. He plowed into my leg and jumped into my lap. Engulfed in a collage of beautiful paintings by the gallery's co-owner, Mira Scott, Fish and I bonded. Oh, I wish he were in a coloring book. Fish proceeded to explain about Mira's amazing new 10x10 Between the Pages adult coloring book, albeit, without him! Huh! Anyway, he purred, it is filled with a variety of challenging images on high quality paper specially selected for compatibility with colored pencils, most paints and fine point markers. (A mouthful for any four-legged animal!)

Soon, Mira joined us and Fish took a flying leap to his counter top location to supervise our conversation. Settled in comfortably, I quizzed Mira, relaxed and smiling in pretty jewelry and ruffled skirt, about her many talents. “I've always loved drawing and have done so since I was a child. Guess it's just part of my make up from very creative parents. I'm basically self-taught.”

Opened in 1985, her gallery has served as a gathering spot for artists, clients and friends. “Each of us is born with a seeded soul,” Mira emphasized, “a story within us waiting to be lived. For me the core of my life meant re-visiting my Quebec childhood home filled with memories. Since I feel all things are connected, my paintings—the inspiration for my new coloring book—are a reflection of associations and memories as a child, discovering the world and how it impacted my adult life as an artist.

Each image in the coloring book has a story and can be easily removed and framed upon completion.” I gulped, but Mira says, “Everyone can color! You do not have to be an artist. Coloring creates a meditative state, a chance to slow down and offers us a sense of accomplishment.” In addition to her lovely coloring book, Mira has two different sized coloring packets, which include colored pencils. The larger one adds a frame for your finished work.

With all the gadgets in which people bury their heads, Mira said, “We need an escape. Much like her generation, my teenage daughter, Lucy, is plugged into technology rather than the people around her. It took a long drive to Canada without the usual distractions, so we could talk and re-connect. In a world geared to immediate gratification, we miss the human connection of gathering around a table with family and friends, enjoying an activity. Coloring provides families an escape from the constant external stimulation of the modern world and gives them much needed relaxing time. Even Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, used this soothing activity as therapy for his patients.”

If still doubtful: Psychologists told the Huffington Post that by engaging multiple parts of the brain, coloring allows us to focus on lines, movements and colors in front of us, use our imagination, be creative and de-stress. Time out! Let's gather together, share Mira's lovely coloring book and escape our worldly worries.

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Mira grew up in rural Quebec, and since her arrival on Hilton Head in 1978, the Canadian native has raced through life in high gear, maneuvering challenging curves and pathways with great success. A Leadership Hilton Head graduate, she served on the Island School Council for the Arts as solicitation chairman for Evening of the Arts, fulfilled an appointment to Town of Hilton Head's Tax Accommodation Advisory Committee as arts representative and was founding member of the Arts & Cultural Council of Hilton Head Island. As well as managing her art gallery, which offers special events, exhibits and commercial/residential custom framing, Mira runs her own Airbnb and continues to be active in all phases of the Island's community. With Mira, every new idea is a strong shot of espresso!

The Inside Scoop:  Self Analysis:  I am extremely shy! Amazing revelation: One of my paintings, “Sacred Mushroom,” took six years to create. With all its rebirth details, it best represents my childhood in Northern Quebec during my favorite season: Spring. Inspirational Quote: "And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?" -Alice In Wonderland

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