Share your sentiment with a handmade gift (all for under $40)

Before this project, you could have asked any of us if we had time to make Christmas gifts and the resounding answer would have been NO. In fact, you may have gotten a couple "no ways" and a few "are you crazy's" thrown in. But the staff here at Pink decided to pair up and give it a try.

Although we all consider ourselves creative when it comes to our jobs, we deemed ourselves as complete novices when it came time to actually sit down and make a gift that someone would truly want and that we would be proud to give. But we all went out to our designated assignments and found that not only were we more than capable of creating beautiful gifts, we had a funtastic time doing it. "I could have spent the whole day there," said Nancy McNair, speaking of her trip to Carolina Stamper in Beaufort. "Lynn [DeLaRosa] and I had a great time getting to know each other better. Plus, we learned how to make personalized stationery that we love!"

"I found our trip to the Art CafÈ a wonderful way to use color. It was definitely a time to relax and have a fun time." said Grace Miller. "The pre-molded pottery made it easy to get the project started and would be fun for all levels of painters," added Dana Cooke.

Katherine Durham said "My experience at Hemp Seed and High Tide Beads was so enjoyable that I'm actually going to make jewelry for my friends and family this year. I had fun, and the results were unique, inexpensive and much better than I ever thought."

As for me, my experience was very enjoyable too. Although I sat down to a worktable where thousands of beads were looming at me, I was able to create a bracelet that looked as good as many you see in the stores. The time flew by, and it was very relaxing. I have to admit I was very proud of my accomplishment. I wore it to an event the next day and showed it to everyone stating each time, "Look what I made!" Bottom Line: Hand making gifts is a positive activity. It generates many benefits to both the "maker" and the "taker". It's a great way to shut out the hustle and bustle of the world or spend quality time with friends, family or co-workers. You'll walk away with a great experience and a great gift. The staff at Pink highly recommends it!

Morgan and Elizabeth made fun bracelets in all colors and types at
Art Ware
Main Street Village
Hilton Head









Pati the pro made a beautiful margarita pitcher and matching glasses at
Pottery in Paradise
Located in Old Town Bluffton
1297 May River Road, Suite #10D

Kandace and Julie made bead-wrapped serving pieces at
Two Friends Beads
138 Burnt Church Park,
Suite 1, Bluffton

Grace and Dana got creative at
The Art Cafe
with Grace's colorful plaque (left)
Dana's decorative holder (right)
Coligny Plaza
Hilton Head

Lynn's "Shrimply" lovely stamped note cards (bottom left) and Nancy's Christmas palm stationery (right) were made at
Carolina Stamper
203 Carteret Street, Downtown Beaufort

Katherine and Candy made a semi-precious necklace and bracelet at
The Hemp Seed and High Tide Beads
32 Palmetto Bay Rd.     
Hilton Head Island
(843) 686-4367

Top 10 Reasons to Give "Handmade Gifts"
1.    When it comes to variety.the sky's the limit!
2.    Each creation is unique and the only one in the universe.
3.    You get to express your creativity.
4.    It's usually less expensive to make it yourself.
5.    It's much more therapeutic than waiting in line at Wal-mart.
6.    Handmade gifts are filled with love and are more sentimental.
7.    It can double as family/friend time when you get everyone involved in making gifts.
8.    It makes gift giving more exciting.
9.    You don't have to keep up with gift receipts.there's no returning!
10.    It could ignite a new hobby and lead to living life more artfully.

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