Pink's Monthly Makeover

The Lead Up:
Helene Wolf is a self-proclaimed "spa freak" and rightly so. Helene, a four year Bluffton resident, was a tough New York City Detective for twenty years. Now in retirement, she has set out to enjoy herself and treat herself right. When her name was drawn out of the "Pink hat" at the Pink Partini she was so excited. But I had to wonder why she not only checked the box that asked if you would like to be considered for a makeover, but underneath it wrote, YES, YES, YES!

"I just love this stuff, I love facials, I love massages, I love going to the salon - even if it means they can do anything to me they want," Helene said very matter-of-factly like who wouldn't love this!

The Plan:
Mark Goodman, the owner of The Hair Designers located in the Village at Wexford on Hilton Head Island, was the lead consultant for the plan. "The most important thing to do when a client wants a new style is to have an honest conversation with the her. She may say she's up for anything, but you still have to ask questions," Mark said, as he inspected Helene's hair and started plotting the process. Although Helene did in fact say she was up for anything, Mark cleared his thoughts with her. All set then:
1. Color: Darker, less brassy main color accented honey highlights - this color will be more flattering for her skin-tone and age.
2. Cut: Shorter, although not too short, especially in the back tapering a little longer beneath the jaw line - great cut to compliment Helene's face-shape.
3. Make-up: Keep it light for a natural look. No dark lipstick. Define the brows.
4: Nails: No more press-ons! Have monthly manicures and the nails will be much healthier.

The Process:
After the consult with Mark, Sandy Mullins took the baton and carefully and confidently carried on where Mark left off. Sandy, assisted by Sarah Thigpen, was in charge of the color, cut and make-up. "I was really impressed with everyone at the Hair Designers. They were very attentive, professional and sure about themselves. Their confidence made me feel good. I hate it when a hairdresser is wishy-washy or unsure. None of that here though, it was obvious they were very good at what they do," said Helene. To make it extra special, Jennifer Hinchey, one of Hair Designer's manicurist, gave Helene's tattered nails an overhaul too! They even gave Helene special shampoo and conditioner by It&ly for color treated hair to help keep the color fresh and vibrant.

The result:
Helene looked beautiful. We thought she looked fine before, but she came out radiant. This was not an extreme makeover in anyway. This was only three hours at a salon with a little color, a great cut, simple make-up techniques and a manicure. Helene looked at least ten years younger and her skin was flawless!

Helene's Take: "The staff at The Hair Designers did a fabulous job. I'll definitely go back!"

Helene's favorite part: "I loved it all, but probably the cut. I love it and I think it's what made the biggest difference.

Helene's husband's favorite part: "He loves the color. He's a biker dude and I think he really likes dark hair. Once I dyed it jet black. He liked that too."

Biggest Reaction Came From: Helene's neighbor, Maria. "She's a salon freak too. She loved it. She was so excited. She kept saying, 'I love it.'"

You Really Do Learn Something New Everyday!
Your hairdresser should know what types of medication you are on or if you are currently sick. For example, certain thyroid meds may cause a perm not to take. If you are pregnant, some colors won't take; plus, you may want to discuss if there are any risks associated with coloring your hair during pregnancy.

Future Makeovers Yes Pink Readers, we are going to do a makeover every month! All of the salons, spas, and makeup artists that advertise us will be included. We look forward to being able to share with you local professionals in the beauty industry and their wonderful talents.

So how can you be a makeover candidate? Come to the Pink Partini, fill out our chick-chat question and enter to win. That's it, nothing more to it. However, since our Pink Partini isn't until February 6, we need a January candidate. Please submit (by January 10, 2008 at 5p.m.) your picture and in 200 words or less explain why you want a makeover to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Here's looking at you.and that's a good thing!

Up Close with Helene:
Hometown: Farmingdale (Long Island), New York Occupation: Retired NYC Police Detective (20 Years) Family: Husband, Tim, Two daughters, Kelly 19 & Samantha 18 Spa treatment you've never had but would love to: A mud or a seaweed thing. I think that's the only thing I've never done Favorite beauty product at home: the body scrub by Lumene. It's aging friendly. I get it at CVS The one thing you dread the most about getting ready: Blow-drying my hair How do you define beauty: Being as natural as possible. It really does come from within.

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