Personal Style It's Closer Than You Think

For this month's style issue we sat down with Lee Heyward, style expert and owner of Charleston Style Concierge, to find out how to get great style.

Pink: As a personal stylist, what is the one fashion mistake you see people
make most often?
Lee: Wearing clothing that does not fit properly. No matter how "on-trend"
something is, if it doesn't fit, it isn't stylish. I think as women, we struggle to
accept our bodies as they are. The best advice I can give is to embrace the body you have and learn how to dress according to its shape.

Pink: Coco Chanel said that fashion is like architecture. Do you agree?
Lee: Yes, fashion is all about proportion and fit. What's great is that
you can manipulate proportion and fit to create the most flattering look for
your body. For example, if you are pear shaped you can disguise your hips by wearing trousers that create a straight line from your hip to the ground. Your eye is then drawn to the narrowest part of you, your waist. Using tricks like that can completely make over your figure just by changing your pants.

Pink: You speak a lot about having easy and effortless style. Is that
really possible?
Lee: Absolutely. Easy and effortless style is best achieved by simply editing
your closet. Typically, we wear only 20% of the clothing we own. That means you stare at 80% of your clothing each morning never wanting to wear it. A closet edit teaches you how to create a versatile wardrobe that allows you to get dressed quickly and easily. You should be able to get dressed in ten minutes or less.

Pink: What advice would you give someone feeling the pressure of finding
the perfect outfit for a special event?
Lee: First, start in your closet. Remind yourself of the options you already
have. You may not have the perfect dress, but an inventory of what you own will keep you from buying duplicate accessories or shoes when you're feeling pressed for time. Look for classic styles that can be worn again with a change of accessories. You can also enlist the help of a stylist. A stylist can help you find an outfit that will be versatile for multiple occasions and look great on your body type.

Pink: Do you mean hire a stylist to shop with you? Isn't that mainly for
the rich and famous?
Lee: Using a stylist to help you shop is a great investment. A stylist will
help you select styles you may not have considered before. Plus, she will teach you to make multiple outfits with just a few pieces. For example, when I shop with a client, I bring along my digital camera to take pictures of the outfits we put together. This way when the client gets home and is on her own, she is
reminded of all the outfit options we put together.

Pink: Is personal shopping the only service available through Charleston
Style Concierge?
Lee: No, we can help through our Virtual Style Consultation. In addition,
each month I teach a teleseminar on a different style topic. These seminars give you great information over the phone from the comfort of your house.

To learn more about Lee Heyward please visit Charleston Style Concierge is
a personal styling company committed to making women feel more
confident through the development of a unique personal style.

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