Organize Gift Receipts

One Small Piece of Paper - One Giant Step in Getting Your Money Back

Gift receipts have become a common feature of holiday and year-round shopping. Gift receipts can prove handy when it comes to gift-giving provided they don't get lost in the shuffle. These receipts make returns and exchanges easier and keep the purchase prices hidden from the gift recipient. Organizing your gift receipts is the key. Here are some ways to keep them under wraps and control your holiday clutter.

Coupon Holder
A plastic coupon holder can house all of your gift receipts. Simply stow them in there after your purchase and mark the recipients' names on the receipts.

Index Card Organizer
This tool may take you back to your grammar school days. You can purchase alphabetical card separators and store your receipts by first or last name.

Gift Card Cards/Envelopes
Flimsy gift receipts can get lost when placed inside wrapped gifts. As the tissue paper gets torn and tossed, so, oftentimes, does the gift receipt.

Place the receipt in a small gift card and seal in an envelope. Tie the card decoratively to the outside of the gift with ribbon so the receipt will stay in place.

Devote a section of your wallet
There's likely a pouch, divider or zippered area that can contain all of your gift receipts. Upon making it home after each shopping excursion, simply sort through the receipts and designate by recipient when the gift is still fresh on your mind. Keep a backup of original receipts. Just in case, have all of the original receipts handy in case you have to make a return or your friend or family member loses the gift receipt.

Plan Ahead for Duplicates
If you are purchasing more than one gift in a single ring-up ask the clerk in advance if you can get multiple gift receipts. If not, you should consider having the clerk ring up items that you will need a gift receipt for separately.

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