Let's Get Ready to Rumba

Reconnect with Your Special Someone

Dancing with a partner, whether it's the shag, ballroom dancing, or social dancing, has always been known to be a great form of exercise, but it can also offer an exciting new way to connect with your partner. 

Think about when you see people on a dance floor-aren't they usually smiling and having fun? As far as couples go, dancing is a great interactive activity. Talk about body language!  Just looking into each other's eyes can create renewed feelings; possibly feelings you haven't felt in a long time.

Not only does dance get you moving together, but it also allows you to enjoy learning together without being competitive or critical.  You can laugh at your mistakes together as the two of you explore the process of learning a new dance. Before you know it, you will find that you are complimenting each other as you master the moves. You're interacting with each other by anticipating the next move. You will be meeting the physical challenge together, as well as the mental challenge it takes to dance and learn new steps. Dancing can help create a respect for each other while the work is being done-you realize some of those steps are not as easy as they look and understand you are both working hard to learn them. When you are dancing, distractions and problems fade away. The focus is on the dance and one another, allowing time alone where new conversations can be sparked. Dancing is a way to simply enjoy being together-touching, smiling, and laughing. In addition, dance can elevate your mood by raising endorphin levels, which can really help with stress.  And dressing up to dance just adds to the excitement!

For Maureen Richards of Hilton Head Island, it all started on a first date. "During our very first date (July 4th 2003), Tim asked me if I'd like to take dance lessons with him," explained Maureen.  "We seemed to get along well and both liked music, so it sounded like a good idea. Not only was it a good idea, it was the perfect way for us to get to know each other."
And there was an added benefit.because the dance required more physical contact than most people might otherwise dare to share on a first date, Maureen and Tim were interactive and became more comfortable with each other right from the start. "It led to dressing up a bit and going to Fred Astaire on Friday nights," Maureen added.

With an evening to look forward to every week, Maureen and Tim continued dancing weekly and attended the dance parties at the studio to meet other dancers. The experience was so positive that they asked their instructor, Sandro Virag, to teach a private group lesson for their friends and family. "Sandro is so professional, kind, and an exceptionally good dancer! Two years later, he choreographed our wedding dance which was really over the top.and very memorable!" They danced the Rumba, a slow, sensuous, romantic dance infiltrated with flirtation.

Are you ready to add some Rumba to your life? Consider getting away from the mundane grind of everyday and start nurturing your relationship with your partner by giving each other the gift of undivided attention. Experience the dance, feel the romance and watch the sparks ignite.

Sandro Virag is a professional dance instructor and co-owner at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Hilton Head Island/Bluffton. He is a five-time Hungarian champion with 17 years teaching experience with all levels of students. He can be reached at 843-837-6161.

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