Happy Birthday PINK

"The Journey is the reward."

-  Chinese Proverb

Dear Friends:

I can't believe that it has been five years since I stood at the end of that giant press with my mother and watched the first Pink Magazine roll off the press as tears rolled down my cheeks. It was raw emotion that wrapped pride, relief, exhaustion, fear, and joy all into tiny little packages called tears. I didn't know what the future would bring that day as I held the first Pink in my hands. However, I had taken a giant leap of faith, achieved the first step of my vision, and welcomed the ride that was to come.

Millen Publishing Group, LLC has grown from an idea in my head and a hope in my heart into a solid business with 15 employees. We now not only publish Pink Magazine, we also create and distribute Paisley Magazine in the Golden Isles of Georgia every month, as well as the Spa Guide of the Lowcountry right here in Beaufort County each year.

The opportunities that have come our way over the last five years have been astounding. The women we have met through the pages of the magazine are nothing short of inspirational and amazing. In addition, we have been in a movie, interviewed Hollywood stars, astronauts, business moguls, and authors; been invited on exciting travels, and created a beautiful office space where we can come together as a team and use our talents, some that we didn't even know we had, everyday. Then there is community. We have been involved in some way with so many community events that there's no way I can list them all. But in doing so have helped to make our community a better place for all. Lastly, we have created our own events to inspire in the Pink Partini, Women's Retreats, Dream Big, Live True Women's Day, the Pink Inc. Project and more.

Proudly, Pink has remained steadfast to the mission set forth and printed in the very first issue: emPower, Inform, eNcourage and evoKe thought.
It is with great gratitude and heartfelt sincerity that we thank our wonderful advertisers, readers and Pink Partini supporters that together have allowed Pink to touch the lives of both the people in our community and visitors from around the world. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us to partner with your business for growth, and to partner with your heart for personal growth. For that gift, we are honored.

We invite you to join in as we continue on the "Celebrate your Womentality" journey.after all, the journey is the reward!

Here's to another great five!

Think Pink!
Elizabeth Millen, Dana Millen and the entire staff of Millen Publishing Group, LLC

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