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Middle and High Schoolers Plan and Attend the Upcoming 30th Annual Beaufort County Youth Conference


September 2022 Issue
By Carrie Major

Excitement is in the air as plans are in place for the impactful 30th Annual Beaufort County Youth Conference! This year’s theme is “Through Our Eyes…R.O.A.R. (Redefining Our Actions & Responsibilities). This conference, which is designed by teens for teens, strives to enhance the abilities of middle and high school youth to make healthy choices and positive decisions when confronted with difficult and life-altering situations.

Regina Bolden, now Petty Officer 3rd Class, participated in this conference for three years and acknowledges it made a huge difference in her mindset as she approached adulthood. “My attendance and participation with the various workshops, such as drug awareness and dealing with peer pressure, helped build my self-esteem and enabled me to focus on my future endeavors. Many thanks to the Beaufort County Youth Conference for preparing me for college and my military career.”

In 1992 Carrie Major, with the assistance of Scott Gibbs, Isabella White and Wade Bishop, organized the BCYC when the teen pregnancy rates were skyrocketing. They felt the urgent need to increase awareness of the risks associated with teen pregnancy and equip local youth with life-saving skills. Now, the conference’s primary focus is for participating teens to bond as a team, (no matter where they are from or what school they attend) effectively collaborate and develop and strengthen leadership skills. The conference takes form when the teen youth planners work together to brainstorm about current social problems that could impede their success. This year, they selected three issues they consider most serious: mental health; diversity/discrimination; and safety in schools.

“Being a Youth Planner was an opportunity to help express concerns from my peers and help voices to be heard. Overall, this has impacted me greatly. I was able to come out of my shell more, and I became comfortable with public speaking. The skills and advice that were given at the workshops are words and tips I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This year I will walk into college with knowledge that I may not have had if I did not attend the Beaufort County Youth Conference,” said Leila Green, who is now a freshman at Newberry College.

The structure of the conference includes an opening session with a rousing rally, a keynote message, the three workshops, lunch via gift cards and a closing session with wholesome entertainment. Due to Covid, this year’s conference will again be held virtually, and participants will receive their t-shirts, door prizes and lunch gift cards via mail.

All teens are encouraged to attend this positive, exciting and powerful conference. They will enjoy it as it is designed and planned by their peers. In other words, this isn’t adults preaching to kids. This is our future leaders and workforce coming together to use their own brainpower to collaborate for their own greater good.

Genesis Major-Milledge, SSGT US Army, was a youth planner every year during middle and high school, and it changed her life! When asked about her experience with BCYC she concluded, “My first time ever participating in this event was life changing. I was always raised to be a great person, but peer pressure was changing my life. The conference taught me many things in life, to grow up and go down the correct path—the path of success that is. I’m now 26 years old, have graduated college with my Associate and Bachelor degrees, all while in the US Army. My advice to our youth is: Always remember—don’t give up, and never let peer pressure ruin who you are. Stand in truth.”BeaufortYouth0922 2



Open to Middle & High School Teens
30th Annual Beaufort County Youth Conference
Saturday, September 24th • 10 am to 1 pm
Each participant will receive a conference T-shirt and a gift card for lunch.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Conference Registration address:
For more information, please call:
Carrie B. Major 843-812-4399 or
Janie Brown 843-592-0013.

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