Good Hair Days

You need more than a pretty dress, stylish shoes and glittery accessories to make a fashion statement this summer -- particularly if you're headed to a summer gala, beach outing or other social event. Without a good haircut and styling to go with it, a breezy day, heat or humidity can undo your new look in a matter of minutes.

"Temperamental weather, from tropical thunderstorms to wind, can cause your hair to look frightful," said Jet Rhys, an award-winning stylist and colorist who is a 20-year veteran of the beauty and fashion business.

To Rhys, the key is "keeping your beauty routine simple," with techniques
such as switching to a styling cream rather than waxes and gels that make your strands turn sticky and fl at when it's humid.

"If your battle is against windy, dry air, avoid over-shampooing," she added.
It can strip natural oils from your locks, causing it to look fl at and limp. A deep conditioning mask applied once a week can restore the moisture.

As for the trendy cuts, "shapes are strong and bold on the perimeter/ outline. Interiors are completely texturized by forms of weave cutting --taking sections of hair and cutting pieces from the section, leaving some
longer pieces out," Rhys said, explaining that it's similar to highlighting, but
done with scissors. You'll also see squarer and deeper fringes and bangs.
Stylist Philip Pelusi, owner of Tela Design Studio in New York City who
has different product lines as well as a chain of salons in Pittsburgh,  expects summer's most fashionable looks to be full of loose, luscious curls, whether pinned up or down. He said the look may be messy, but if you use the right products, you can look appropriate and not over-the-top.

Pelusi added the summer styles are "very fl attering for women of any age,"
provided the cut is appropriate to your texture and condition. "The better
the quality of the hair fabric, the longer and fuller the hair can be worn," he
said. "If someone has a weaker and thinner hair fabric, they should stick to
slightly shorter styles that can be enhanced with the right products."




It doesn't matter how old you are, either. "Trends have really changed
when it comes to more mature women," he said. "Slightly longer and more
imperfect styles actually make women look younger."

On teens and young women, look for big waves, bigger curls, and lots
of volume -- even if your style is short, said Yesenia Almonte, Seventeen
magazine's beauty director. In one new trend, "the bump," the hair is
teased in front in the style of singer-songwriter BeyoncÈ.

The beachy style featured by Lauren Conrad in the hit MTV show "The
Hills" is "something girls love," she said. Meanwhile, best-selling country
music star Taylor Swift "is making a lot of curly-haired girls really proud. She sports them so well, really defi ned and so shiny."

Celebrities also infl uence male high school and college students. The hot look this spring and summer is the "pop-mop" favored by "High School Musical" star Zac Efron, said Angus Mitchell, co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems and son of the famed designer who has followed in his father's footsteps. "The other trend is a shorter, spiky look," he added.

The best way to change your hairstyle, especially if a special event is
approaching, is to spend time researching the look you like and discussing
it with your stylist well in advance of that party, reunion or wedding.

"Work with different styles at least a week to two weeks before the big
event," said celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, who works with some of
Hollywood's top stars and has even developed a product line with Kate
Hudson. "That way you can try various looks -- plus it will help you
understand just how long it takes you to achieve your desired result. You
may fi nd an additional bobby pin, hair accessory, or a different strength
hairspray really does make a big difference."

And, he added, it never hurts to bring your dress, jewelry and accessories
to the salon to help the stylist "create a look that will compliment you and
your dress."

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