Dress to EGG-spress!

The arrival of Spring has sprung and girls everywhere await the shopping trip to purchase their "Easter Dress." As a child, it's the best dress you get all year, and for some magical reason, it is impossible to not look beautiful in your Easter dress. For teens, who may be attending the prom, it may be the second best dress of the year, but nonetheless, it is a special day that we all want to look our best and celebrate.

When I was little, walking down the sidewalk in our front yard holding the skirt of my Easter dress. My dad was filming me and my sister on an old reel-to-reel as we twirled and smiled and laughed, basking in the glory of our pretty dresses.

Here at Pink, we went on the ultimate Easter dress hunt and found not one, but many beautiful, colorful, special dresses and the kids just loved them. Who says dressing up is a thing of the past. It never is passÈ to feel pretty or handsome.

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