Bridal Boudoir

Lingerie for every night of the honeymoon

Oh, what to wear on the big honeymoon night! Will it be the elegant peignoir set, the vampy corset and garter belt, or a sassy little camisole with boy shorts?

There are lots of different styles of lingerie to choose from for that all-important honeymoon, says lingerie designer Flora Nikrooz.

"The trends in lingerie right now are fun, fun, fun," she says. "There's short and shorter, ruffles, passemenerie trim, wonderful colors and always lots of lace."

Nikrooz cites a few essentials for the honeymoon packing list: A sexy short set; something lacey; something bright and fun; an elegant gown and robe set; and "let's not forget the ultrasexy black teddy," she adds.

Rebecca Apsan, author of "The Lingerie Handbook" (Workman, $13.95) also has some tips for brides who are buying lingerie for their honeymoons. She suggests wearing something different every night.
"Each ensemble is intended to create a scenario that is different from the last," she says, "and make your lover wonder what's next on the menu."
As a shop owner, she has noticed that many brides prefer the traditional and elegant two-piece peignoir set - a long robe and gown usually in white, ivory or pastel shades.

"If you've always dreamed of that fairy-tale wedding night, here's your chance," she says. "You might as well go all out."

For the nontraditional bride, Aspen recommends a short silky chemise or camisole and tap pant set. And she agrees with Nikrooz: "A thong-back teddy is the way to wow."

Here's a quick checklist of bridal boudoir basics:

The sporty bride: Goes for simple and streamlined shapes that aren't too frou-frou, such as tank undershirts with boy shorts, ruffle-bottom bloomers, hipsters or lace-trim bikinis.

The glamour girl: Loves the drama of a long gown embellished with rhinestones, sparkles and feathers in silk, satin and lace.

The vintage vixen: An old-fashioned charmer who loves lingerie in dreamy chiffon florals with lots of ruffles, ribbons and frills.

The sexy siren: A femme fatale who goes all out with stiletto slippers, see-through baby doll gowns and anything flirty and fun.

So brides, pack your picks. And remember, says Apsan, "According to the gospel of lingerie, by wearing things that make you feel desirable, you become desirable."

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