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Why Retreat?

Hi Everyone, 
I realized last week after talking to a woman who had seen the ad for the Women's Weekend Retreat that maybe you guys need a bit more information to help you decide if this is for you.  This woman said she had always been interested but because she didn't know what to expect, she had always hesitated to sign up. So, here's just a bit of info . we don't want to give it all away because some mystery is also what makes the weekend so special.

Just the Facts
Beginning on Friday evening at 6pm, February 29th, we (Dr. Kathy Murphy, Barbara Margotta, and Barbara Blackburn from Retreats by Design and Elizabeth Millen from Pink Magazine) will be having another Women's Weekend Retreat at Palm Key Nature Retreat Center in Coosawatchie.  The $545 price ($50 discount is you register early) includes everything once you get there.  You can sign up for a massage for an additional fee.  The retreat ends on Sunday around noon.

Palm Key Retreat Center
This will be the sixth retreat we've had in the local area.  Palm Key Nature Retreat Center is the perfect location for our Women's Weekend Retreat.  Palm Key is a magical place - far enough to feel like you get away yet you can drive there in less than an hour.   The retreat center is isolated and serene yet with the most accommodating and luxurious cottages and unbelievable family style food.  Four to six women stay together in a cottage (each with their own queen bed though you share a room with another woman - you can request a single cottage for an additional fee or bring a friend to room with.)  Exquisite meals are prepared on Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday brunch.  

Why Retreat?
Do you feel disconnected?  From others?  From yourself?  Have you forgotten your deepest values and dreams for your life?  Do you feel a calling from within.is your soul's voice trying to speak to you but you can't hear it?  Are you exhausted and need to get away? 
The reasons are different for every woman.  Our intention is to create the space and the place for you to have a meaningful experience.  It may come from having someone else take care of all of your needs, or from being in a supportive environment with other likeminded women, or from the deepening exercises of the Consider the Possibilities program.  It will probably be a combination of all three.
What Others Have Had to Say
Here are a few testimonials from past retreats:

"I'm so glad I came.  I needed to get out of being in the same old place and to be reminded of truths that hadn't been acknowledged in a while."

"I am extremely glad I came.  The pristine weather  and natural beauty enhanced and overwhelmed an already emotional experience."

"This Women's Weekend Retreat was a powerful experience for me.  Dr. Kathy guided us with wisdom, intuition, and a keen sense of humor.  We were truly taken on an inner journey.  She has an ease and grace that facilitates feelings of safety, comfort, and openness.  The entire group shared an unforgettable experience."

"I did not expect this program to be so powerful.  It exceeded my expectations.  It has been so cleansing and enlightening.  Plus the group of women have been wonderful.  It has truly been life changing."

What Happens at the Retreat

How your life may be transformed at The Women's Weekend Retreat is always an indescribable experience.  It's a highly personal and internal experience,  however,  I can tell you some things about the actual setup and a bit about the program.  

Friday Evening

We gather on Friday evening, and start with a meal.  This is a very social time where we all meet for the first time and begin the important bonding process.  Everything we have done has been for the purpose of creating a safe and loving space for women to come together to be authentic, to let their hair down and to hear their inner wisdom.  We also come together to share each other's wisdom. 
Friday evening is dedicated to creating a sacred circle of connection and trust.  After dinner, we meet in a large circle where we are asked to think about why we are here and what our intentions are for the weekend.  Powerful questions are asked to help us begin the inner journey back to ourselves.  We are instructed in how to go within and speak from a deeper place.to get in touch with our deepest desires.to talk from our depths.our souls. 
Each participant will receive a beautiful manual that accompanies the work she will be doing in the retreat sessions.  In this manual you are given opportunities to reflect and record what you are thinking and feeling during the weekend as many exercises are designed to open you up to your inner life.

Later Friday Night
After we have started the process on Friday night, everyone goes back to their cottages.  Then they either decide to turn-in or join other women for a night of getting to know each other, talking, laughing and drinking coffee or wine.  Although all meals are provided, each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen.so bring your own coffee to make in the mornings and snacks for late night.

Early Morning Yoga
The mornings are spectacular as we begin both Friday and Saturday mornings with a yoga session led by Barbara Margotta, certified Kripalu Instructor.  This alone is worth going to the retreat.  Barbara is a gifted teacher.  We do gentle yoga which everyone and anyone can participate in.  We provide the mats, just wear comfortable clothing.  As a matter of fact, wear comfortable clothing all weekend.  We end each morning yoga session with a meditation that sets our state of mind for the inner work of the day.
After yoga, we have a delicious breakfast together as a group and then begin the Saturday programs. 

Saturday's Program
On Saturdays, we form smaller groups and are guided through many exercises designed to help us have an authentic, enlightening experience.  We will continue to ask the deeper, powerful questions of our lives.  Using music and inspirational readings we will invoke the spiritual side of our beings to come forth and speak to our lives.  We ask to be reminded of what truly matters to each of us and of how we want to be living.
After a beautiful lunch (the food really is delicious), and an afternoon session, we break around 3 pm.  During this time, women get massages, take naps, take nature walks, or talk in small groups or pairs.  We get together again for supper and then a special evening program.  I can't tell you too much about this part of the program except that it is very special and it ends with a bonfire.  Oh yeah, bring a scarf. 
Saturday night women usually still have even more to talk about with each other.  You are bound to find either someone to talk to or a quiet spot to reflect.

Sunday morning begins with another yoga/meditation session followed by a unbelievable Sunday brunch.  They do a brie bread at Palm Key that you will later dream about.
After brunch, we have another large circle gathering to close the retreat.  This is one of the most powerful segments of our time together because we talk about our commitments to ourselves.  We learn to share our visions for our lives and to ask for support from our new sisters.  We take time to be thankful.  We close the weekend and go home.

After the Retreat
Every woman goes home changed at some level, to some degree (some more than others.)  Some have only seen glimpses, some have seen the whole picture.  Some women have come to several retreats.one after the other.  Because of the inner growth work, because of the need to retreat and be in the company of other supportive women, whatever the reason, women return again and again to the Women's Weekend Retreat.  People ask why?  This is when it really becomes indescribable.  What happens for each women is unique.  But one thing I'm sure of is that every woman gets something that they need.  Even if it's just a weekend away from home in a beautiful nature retreat where all of your needs are taken care of.but you will also get a healthy, healing dose of self love, caring, and insight about your life.
Please come join us in February.  We know that everyone who comes to the retreat comes because they hear an inner calling to be there.  Don't resist if you feel the urge.  You will be well cared for.  You can have a life changing experience.  You will be in a community of like minded women.  Do something just for you.

Dr. Kathy Murphy, President of Retreats by Design, is a teacher, facilitator, professional counselor and personal life coach.  In addition to providing life coaching services to individuals where she helps them to ask and answer the powerful questions in their lives, she also conducts this retreat entitled "Consider the Possibilities:  Design the Life of Your Dreams & Find the Courage to Live It!" 


Call 842-PINK and reserve your place for the upcoming Women's Weekend Retreat.

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