5 Things to Start NOW!

#1 Live Authentically

    I had a neighbor once, Linda, that I loved spending time with. She was a good bit older than me and we would get into some of the deepest conversations right there in her 100 year old kitchen. She once told me that if she could change anything, it would be to take back all the time she spent with people she didn't want to be around. Her husband's family had lived in this small town since the civil war and they were at the top of every guest list for most parties. In order not to let anyone down, they were very social and tried to attend as much as they could, even the ones that didn't have profound meaning to them. It's just what you do in a small town.     Well, it's what they did until Linda started trusting her own wisdom and living authentically. It's not that she was being rude, stuck-up or aloof, it's that she figured out what was important to her and started devoting her life to what was pulling at her heart. Living authentically isn't about being selfish, opinionated or judgmental. It's about being true to yourself and spending the moments of your life doing things that enhance, embrace and delight your spirit. It's merely getting conscious about the choices you make for your life and changing those choices when they no longer fit.     This isn't something you can achieve in a day. It is something that will evolve over time. However, if you start NOW to become aware of what you really want and how you really want it, you'll be amazed at how things will start to unfold.

#2  Start Building Your Financial Wealth Write Yourself a Check Every Month - contributed by Coastal States Bank

It's never too late to start building your financial net worth. All you need is a simple plan. To get things going, open a savings or money market account that's off limits. Allocate a specified amount of money or percentage of your income each month to deposit into the account-and then write that check. You may feel the pinch at first, but your quality of life isn't going to take a drastic downturn if you skip a few miscellaneous purchases.
    Don't focus on what you're losing-focus on what you're gaining. The bank will pay you interest each month on those dollars you've stashed away. Simply put, you'll be making money by not spending it. In other words, you're writing your first check of every pay period to yourself. Feels good, doesn't it?   

And it gets better. The interest you earn on your savings will earn interest as well. Before you know it, the power of compounding will turn your modest monthly investment into a substantial nest egg.
How substantial? Consider this scenario. Let's say you make an initial deposit of $1,000 into a money market account paying 4 percent annually, compounded monthly. Each month, you add $100 to it. At the end of one year, you will have accumulated $2,262.99. In five years, you'll have $7,850.89. If you make a larger start-up deposit or put away more money monthly, well, you get the picture. Realistically, you could be on your way to the dream of financial independence.

    And, be honest, did you really need that double latte with extra foamy milk?

#3  Rethink Spa Treatments

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