Samantha Love Kaufman

Balancing Awareness with Clarity

January 2019 IssueSamantha0119by Nina Greenplate  
Photography by Ron Kaufman

Born in Chapel Hill, N.C., Samantha Love Kaufman spent her first ten years as a California girl. Her family moved to the beautiful Lowcountry in 1976, where her late father, Dr. Glenn Neil Love, established himself as one of Beaufort County’s first obstetricians. A graduate of Auburn University in public relations and communications, Samantha’s degree has served her well. She has more than 25 years of experience marketing island real estate properties, and currently enjoys working in her family’s local long-standing real estate business–The Love Family at Sea Pines Real Estate—Beach Club. “We find people want to work with us because we’re family,” she said with pride.

However, there is more to Samantha’s story—she has a special gift, which has taken her down a road less travelled – one she’s explored with curiosity and wonderment. Finding her balance between businesswoman, mom and this gift hasn’t always been easy.

The definition of ‘balance’ is to have stability of one’s mind or feelings…achieving a kind of personal peace. Human methods of achieving this equilibrium are as unique as our their own experiences, genetics, and circumstances. Finding balance is a quest for those who recognize its importance, and something most people soon realize they need if their lives are missing it.

Many people are spiritual and having faith in a higher power provides them with a wonderful source of balance and comfort. Some look for additional, more individual awareness in the spiritual realm. It is here Samantha Love Kaufman may be able to assist.

Samantha is a medium—an intuitive, who is sensitive to psychic or spiritual forces. She is living her own truth, coming into fullness with her gifts, and sharing them with those who seek out her assistance.  Having a full and curious imagination from a young age, she came to realize she wanted to develop her mind’s capabilities.

“It’s been a lifelong process for me to develop these skills. Spiritual books would catch my eye, as mentors led me to the next stage of spiritual development. I knew I was finally tapped in when I could give clear readings to people on message boards, like on AOL—back in the day…people I had never met or seen…yes, in total anonymity.”

Many are becoming more open to Samantha’s abilities. “It’s about empowerment. When I work with people, my readings are sessions in awareness and healing. I want them to discover the answers are within themselves.”

Samantha works in harmony with her clients likening her metaphysical work to that of a life coach. Her clients may be looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, in need of finding solutions or clarity on an important decision. She believes life is a matter of perspective, and one can change that perspective at any time.

“I work with people’s potential to help provide possibilities, not predictions.” As an intuitive, Samantha can see images, or feel emotions, while channeling someone’s energy. “The thoughts I “download” are not my own. “I want to empower my clients by uncovering blocks in their lives through spiritual awareness. Everyone has these abilities. I just really focused on developing mine.”
Samantha not only connects with people, she once read for a horse. “The owner was distressed, and the veterinarian confounded over what was wrong with the horse’s digestive tract. I could see inflammation, then a story played out in my mind’s eye wherein the stable hand was spooking the horse at feeding time, thus causing the indigestion. When the stable hand was caught in the act, the horse’s issues abated.”

“And readings provide validation to loved ones that life does indeed go on after one passes from our sight. I did a reading the other night in which a granddaughter gave my reading as a gift for she and her grandmother to share. I was able to bring in the grandmother’s husband, two sisters, two grandsons and a great aunt. It was a time for validation and reminiscing. The granddaughter said it was like having a family reunion, which put her grandmother’s mind at ease, as she had worried so many years over how they were all doing.”

“Every reading is a fascinating experience. I continually learn and grow my abilities as I share them with others for their benefit. I enjoy bringing about awareness. The end-result is healing.”

Up Close:
Samantha’s husband, Rob, owns and runs Kaufman Photography on Hilton Head Island. They have two beautiful children—Tessa and Brodie. Samantha also adores animals and is especially passionate about cats and horses. Samantha loves to travel and tries to explore a piece of the U.S. by camper with her son each summer.

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