Lowcountry Originals

Meet 8 Dynamic Local Artisans

LowcountryOriginals0722 Cover

July 2022 Issue

Cool art vibes saturate the air in every form and medium in the Lowcountry, one of the most beautiful natural canvases on earth. With all the surrounding beauty, it’s no wonder the Lowcountry is teeming with creative, talented artists. Some do it for fun. Some do it for a living. All do it to nourish their organic need to create.

Welcome to our third edition of Lowcountry Originals, where you will meet eight dynamic artisans, all filled with creative energy and verve for their work. They have allowed us a peek into their creative worlds, revealed their fears and doubts, told us what inspires them and given us insight into their processes.

Enjoy a creative stroll and step into the Lowcountry art scene
with these dynamic local artisans:
> Lydia Kapp Gutilla
> Emily Sewell
> Thomasina Rogers
> Jordan Johnson
> Laura Burcin
> Lynda Hawley
> Teresa Brandow
> Saundra Renee Smith