Laura Shofroth-Adamson

Hear Me Roar

October 2018 IssueHMR 1018Photography by Lindsay Gifford

Arlington, Virginia

Lives in:

Hilton Head Island

Laura's Family:
Son Benjamin, his wife Charee, and daughter Ellie. Daughter Abigale and her husband Tyler. CJ is the baby of the family and he's the most wonderful “boy friend” in the world.

What is your career?

Motivational Health Consultant and Owner of The Miracle of You;  Restaurateur and partner at Mahogany Reef Juice & Java on Hilton Head; Retail Management.

What bad odds did you beat?
At 34 I was diagnosed with endometriosis with a prognosis of no cure. I was in pain 30 days out of each month and walked with a cane for some time, but I refused to believe the prognosis and also refused conventional medical treatment: a complete hysterectomy and hormone therapy for the rest of my life. I believed inherently in the body’s ability to heal itself, so I began what would be years of research and learning about the ways the body heals. I became an herbalist, healed my endometriosis completely, and have since used my knowledge and experience to help others overcome chronic illness, prevent disease, and deal with weight issues using foods and herbs as medicine.

When the going got tough I:

Became more determined. I have an unbelievably positive outlook on life, and when I see an obstacle, I reach outside the box for every resource possible. I can be unstoppable.

Three things I now excel at:

1) Motivating and lifting others.
2) Unshakeable faith and belief in myself and the world around me.
3) Knowing I can affect the world around me in positive ways.

My favorite shot of liquid courage is:

I have been a juicer for 17 years—way before it became a big thing. Daily juicing keeps me healthy and energetic. My shot of liquid courage is one I developed for Mahogany Reef Juice & Java called “A Clean Shot.”

I’ve always wondered …

Why many people don’t learn more about their bodies—what is beneficial and what is harmful—instead of relying completely upon conventional medicine.  

Do you believe that necessity is the mother of self-reinvention, and if so, how has that played out in your life?

Yes, of course! At 46, my marriage of 23 years was dissolving, sadly due to my spouse’s then opioid addiction. I knew I had to carry the flag for our children, even though I was a homeschool mom, who hadn’t worked outside the home in 18 years. Determined, I hit the career world path with gusto, repeatedly telling myself to “Just fake it until you make it.” I was able to make my way, drawing on all that I had learned along my own personal health journey, which led first to the creation of my health consulting business, and more recently to opening Mahogany Reef Juice & Java on Hilton Head. The store has a dual purpose: To serve healthy, natural, and unprocessed food; and to serve as a teaching and learning center.

My favorite way to waste a day is:  

Start with self-development, and then enjoy whatever comes my way, as long as it’s relaxing.

What’s a Warrior Goddess and why do you consider yourself one?  

I discovered Warrior Goddess posts and pictures—women in armor wielding shields—on Facebook, and as I learned more about it and about myself, I found I could really relate to the Warrior Goddess philosophy. We’ve all been through trials and tribulations in our lives. What makes one a warrior is how one handles the hard times. Do they make us bitter? Or do they make us better? Are we stronger? Have we learned everything we can possibly learn from the experience? Are we now using that knowledge to help us grow into bigger and better people with undeniable faith and power? For me, the answer is a resounding Yes!

I admire people who:

Have drive and don’t let adversity overpower them; who stop at nothing, and believe, no matter what, anything is possible.

You can hear me roar about:

Who I am today! I don’t roar about what I have overcome. I don’t think we should roar about the past. I think we should roar about who we are in the process of becoming … and more importantly … who we are right NOW. Go get your life!