Latia Nelson

A One-Woman Army

February 2021 IssueLatiaNelson0221
by Edwina Hoyle   
Photography by Cassidy Dunn Photography

“I’ve always had dreams,” said Latia Nelson. “And I never want to be that older woman who says she gave up her dreams and has regrets.” Latia calls herself a one-woman army who marches forward each day to follow her dreams and her heart.

At the age of 21 Latia became a single mom, after being raised by a single mother herself. “Circumstances were a motivation for me. I saw my mother struggle, and at 16, I wanted to get a job to help out. I’m never going back. I’m not going to look back. I’m going to keep going.” As a first-generation college graduate, she earned not one, but two degrees—liberal arts and business administration/marketing. She now has more than 10 years experience in visual media arts and branding.

Latia is the Communications Manager at WHHI TV in Hilton Head and is responsible for booking shows, events, media sales and many other duties. “WHHI has been part of my growth in my career. I like to use my talents in all areas. My purpose is to use my talents to help people for the better. I love my job because I have the freedom to be creative. I’m the only one at WHHI who does my job, so I’m needed.”

One full-time job is enough for most people, but for Latia, that’s the tip of the iceberg. She also has a consulting company called D&D Creative Co. that specializes in brand marketing. Her second business is BB Boutique & Co., which manufactures, markets and distributes fragrances and luxury body and bath products that are made animal-cruelty free. She established her brand as a self-care line to care for the body, mind and soul. BB Boutique’s mission is to inspire beautiful, happy, self-loving women. “I want to help women love themselves. It’s my mission and my calling. I can’t help it, and I can’t abandon it,” she said.

Her most important job, however, is being a mother and role-model for her two sons, 8-year old Denim and 7-year old Daniel. “They are really well-rounded little boys. I used to think about how my life would have been different if I weren’t a single mother, and I realized that they are my motivation. They watched me get two degrees and start my businesses,” she said. “I want to be their role-model, and I want them to follow their dreams, too. My oldest is my salesman. I take him to marketing events and let him pitch to customers. He’s a creative child and a great talker with the gift of gab. He’s got a leader’s personality and is very creative. Both are very determined kids. My youngest is an athlete. Both boys play soccer and study Tang Soodo, which is Korean martial arts.”

So how does she do it all—work full time, operate two demanding businesses and be a positive role model and mother for two precocious kids?
“I make time. I’ll stay up till 2 a.m. if duty calls. If something needs to be done, I do it. I’m a one-woman army. My life is 24/7, and I’m never really off. I do it because I’m called to do it. I want to use all my God-given potential to follow my dreams,” Latia explained.

Latia has mastered many of life’s lessons already. “My best advice is to always be courageous enough to build the life you want, no matter what,” she stated. “No matter what the situation is, each day is a new day to walk forward. Never let distractions get in the way. Stay focused, keep going, put in the work, and eventually, you will see progress. Never let your passion die.”


Up Close:

Sound plans:
Latia earned her associates degree in art and media at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) with a goal of working in sound design and music.

#Goals: In 20 years Latia hopes to retire as a billionaire and make philanthropy her priority.

Supporting Roles: To help follow her heart, Latia has her support team, which includes her mother, sister and best friend.

Buy the Brand: Latia’s bath and body products can be found at Local Made in Bluffton and Blue Poppy in Savannah, as well as on her website:

Working Girl:
While in college she had several internships working in movies and television, but it was the internship at WHHI where she found a job she loves.