Dr. Gala Gorman

Manifesting Personal Fulfillment

September 2018 IssueGalaGorman 0918
by Jane Kendall   
Photography by Christian Lee

Anytime you abandon something in your life, there is a risk you will look back and say: I sure wish I had made a different choice. However, when you access your courage and begin to move forward in a new direction you have chosen for yourself, at some point you will become confident you are doing the right thing. You will notice that the universe is conspiring to support you. This is certainly true in the case of Dr. Gala Gorman, co-founder of the Delta Discovery Center on Hilton Head Island.

Dr. Gala Gorman’s first career was in accounting and finance. She co-founded a CPA firm in Las Vegas, where she thrived for more than 20 years. In the late ‘90s, even though her business was extremely successful, Gala was burned out. It was time for a change. She sold her interest in the firm and began coaching and consulting to businesses. It was during that period Gala felt her soul calling her to find deeper meaning in her life. She has always been interested in integrative healing modalities and has read extensively about and experienced many of them. In studying metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that explores the nature of being, existence and reality, she was beginning to find physical, emotional, and spiritual balance in her life by applying the principles she was learning. Gala first enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Human Development, and in 2004 she was awarded a Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching. She became a metaphysical minister and spent several years writing the Spiritual Approach series of books, which focus on practical spirituality, providing direction for others to find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. Gala studied the publishing industry, self-published her books and established a publishing company for the works of like-minded authors. She also hosted a TV show, “Awareness Addicts,” designed to assist people in cultivating awareness. With her husband, Charlie Frangos, a licensed psychotherapist, she co-founded RecoverYES to support the specific needs of people dealing with addiction.

Gala and Charlie moved from Nashville to Hilton Head in 2014 to begin a new chapter in their lives. In April of this year they launched the Delta Discovery Center, a brand new healing spa on Hilton Head Island. Gala is fulfilling her passion and life-long mission to awaken awareness and inspire healthy lifestyles in those who find themselves drawn to her work. She coaches people to practice self-care. “Once that happens, they have so much more to offer others in their lives,” she said.

Being curious, I visited the center to sample what it has to offer. I signed up for Tune-Up Tuesday, a full day of services designed to balance body, mind, and spirit. The day began with a Bioenergetic Stress Scan (identifies areas of imbalance in the body and recommends corrections), then an ionic detoxification foot bath,  relaxing massage chair and amethyst infrared mat sessions, a mindful movement class, and finished with an amazing acupuncture session, which sent me into an exquisitely relaxed state. I was blissful when I left. The Center also offers counseling and coaching services, as well as massage therapy, alpha stimulation therapy and classes in manufacturing happiness. If you are looking for a place to assist you in making your life easier, healthier and happier, you will want to check this out.

Gala’s quest for knowledge about healing is never-ending. She recently enrolled in an acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner program. It is her deep desire to become adept and licensed in these modalities. She speaks of “magick”—a function of harnessing the universal powers available to us all in order to manifest the reality we want our lives to be. According to Gala, “When you open your heart and then follow the intuitive leads that Spirit offers to you, you will find ample magick and miracles manifesting in your life. Recognizing the miracles in your life is the single most effective way to propel yourself through the process of spiritual growth and personal fulfillment. The universe stands ready to give you whatever you desire or require. It is your higher self that is actually guiding the way. Every day, you are conditioning yourself for what you expect life to be like. The universe really is listening; all you need to do is communicate with it. If you believe the universe supports you, then your only job is to figure out where you really want to be and go for it! Once you’ve tasted what’s available to you, there’s no turning back.”

Up Close:
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV   
Early Inspiration: My father, who exposed me to the concept of how my thoughts create my reality.
Best Friend: Husband, Charlie Frangos,
co- founder and CEO of Delta Discovery Center
Dr. Gorman’s books: Available on Amazon.com
Dr. Gorman’s Awareness Addicts Program: www.awarenessaddicts.com; Become Alive, Alert, Aware.
Tagline: “It’s the business of your life and you’re the CEO.”