Christina Lindstedt

Performing at Her Peak!

ChristinaLindstedt 0519May 2019 Issue

by Nina Greenplate
Photography by Christian Lee

“Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.” Sage advice from the late Godfather of Modern Fitness, Jack LaLanne, who lived by example for 96 years! And now Hilton Head Island fitness professional Christina Lindstedt can make your journey of taking care of your most priceless possession both attainable and fun!

Peak Performance Fitness Center of Hilton Head is Christina’s new studio, which she proudly opened last October. She worked on the island for more than 16 years as a training professional until her dream of owning her own fitness studio came true. Her passion for reaching and surpassing her clients’ personal goals is her lifework.

The mother of two is a petite powerhouse; a serious and competitive athlete, and most definitely a player. For much of her life, participating in and coaching sports has been where her passion lies. Ballet and gymnastics were among her first loves. However, her all-encompassing and competitive love came to a quick end when she tore her ACL at the age of 10.

“I was completely devastated,” she recalls. Christina’s experience with recovery, though difficult, turned out to be a lesson in how the body can be strengthened and healed. It was decided that she would not undergo the surgery to correct the ligament, and instead underwent intense physical therapy. This method was a success for Christina, and a catalyst for her eventual vocation.

She was born in the small town of Flourtown, outside of Philadelphia, Penn. Her business owner father and homemaker mother were strong and supportive. She speaks fondly of them, in particular her father’s entrepreneurial influence in opening her own business. “They always encouraged me,” she says.

During her school years, Christina played and competed in a variety of sports: swimming, softball, golf. In high school she played varsity volleyball, field hockey, and lacrosse.

She received a degree in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University, where she was afforded more than a diploma. The school offered Christina a unique and groundbreaking opportunity, and she grabbed that challenge and excelled. When Christina was a freshman women’s lacrosse was not an organized team sport. She and a friend worked tirelessly to create the school’s first women’s club lacrosse team, which is now part of the Southeastern Women’s Lacrosse League. They played Division 1 teams like Clemson, USC, UGA, and Florida State. Talk about the power of play!

Athletics and exercise have energized Christina for most of her life. She is a sports enthusiast, player, and skilled professional, and today she is equally committed to her clients’ success.

Junior athletes make up a large number of Christina’s clients, and golf, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey players are commonly seen in her studio. “Junior golf has definitely seen the greatest growth on the island,” she says. The sports conditioning Christina provides for these young athletes is important in that it helps them attain optimum physical functioning in terms of agility and skill. “We are cautious if a client is too young,” she says. “Their growth plates may be an issue, so lower impact and resistance training are often the best starting point.”

The Peak Performance workspace is a spacious and carefully designed, state-of-the-art athletic playground, each piece of equipment precisely chosen to fine tune and strengthen the body. As a trainer, Christina is state-of-the-art as well, certified in multiple specialties, including TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3, which provides golfers techniques needed to build speed, strength, stability, and mobility.

But Peak Performance isn’t just for golfers! All ages and fitness levels are welcome at the studio. Christina’s oldest client is 97 years young! Why does he come? She smiles. “He wants to do whatever he needs to do to stay upright and moving. We help him achieve this. My clients become like family.”

Mom of: "Awesome Cole (10) and Tyler (7) come first!”
Puppy love: For their sweet dog, Millie
Coach and mentor: She was Hilton Head High School’s girls lacrosse coach 2007-2011
Hidden talents: Christina is a party planner extraordinaire, cooking and entertainment skills included
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