Carrie Vormohr

Balance is the Right RX

    Nothing says rejuvenation to a woman like a day at the spa. When Carrie Vormohr and her husband opened Serendipity Medical Spa in 2005, they were looking to provide people with yet another avenue towards health and wellness.
    "Coming from the medical field, my husband and I thought opening a spa might be another way to make a positive impact on the community," said Carrie. "Me being a pharmacist and him being a physician, usually the people that walk through our doors aren't feeling very well. And they probably aren't too happy either."
    Everyone knows the aggravation that goes along with waiting around a doctor's office, filling out paperwork and wondering what fun awaits once the nurse calls you back. Who wouldn't trade that for the gentle, inviting atmosphere of a spa, where instead of paper gowns and syringes, you get aromatic oils and a nice massage? Of course, they are two different visions of health, and as a practicing pharmacist and spa owner, Carrie has a foot in both worlds.
    "At the spa, it's so refreshing because when people come in, whether it's for a facial or some other type of treatment, they leave happy," said Carrie. "They look in the mirror and they feel better about themselves."
    That kind of instant gratification isn't always found at the doctor's office or pharmacist's counter, she says, where you may have to wait days or even weeks for the remedy to kick in. But at the spa it's all about feeling good, and that can go a long way towards overall health.
    "If you feel good about yourself, it translates into so many other aspects of your life," said Carrie, who has been interested in chemistry and the medical field since she was a little girl. "It reflects into everything you do, and it's a reflection that people see."
    With every spa treatment she could want right at her fingertips, you would think that Carrie would be her own biggest customer. But actually she says she rarely has time, in fact, balancing work with the rest of life is something she feels she needs to work on.
    "I am by no means an expert at the whole relaxation/rejuvenation thing," she admits. "This is something I pray about-achieving balance-because a lot of times when you own your own business, you don't know when enough is enough. At some point you have to say, okay, I need to spend more time with friends and family."
    One of the things she's been doing lately to help relieve stress is playing tennis. Fresh air and vigorous activity will work wonders for anyone's disposition, and they form an integral element to Carrie's overall picture of health.
    "I think that true rejuvenation is about mind, body and spirit," she said. "It's achieved through a variety of means-eating right, exercise, drinking lots of water, being open-minded and willing to learn, doing nice things for your appearance, keeping positive thoughts in your head, even taking vacations, because you always come back with a better focus."
    At a spa, many of the treatments are designed to improve your looks. But as far as Carrie is concerned, there is nothing that says a nice appearance isn't part of being healthy. "If there is something you can do that makes you feel better about yourself, then you should go for it," she said. "If it makes you feel good to look good, I don't see anything wrong with that."

Up Close

Hometown: Dillon, SC Education: undergrad at Clemson, degree in pharmacy from the University of South Carolina Hobbies: reading, tennis and travel Recent good read: When You Are Engulfed In Flames, by David Sedaris Favorite destination: Amalfi Coast of Italy Guilty pleasure: anything salty Number one recommended spa treatment for dramatic results: portrait plasma skin regeneration Words to live by: "Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination."