About the Artist - Carolee Clark


April 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist

Carolee Clark

Artist Carolee Clark’s passion for what she creates is so profound it is invariably translated in one-of-a-kind pieces that are her own treasures. Born with a paintbrush in her hand, Carolee’s mother was her inspiration to become an artist from very early on.

“My mother always enjoyed painting and she would encourage me and my sisters to draw while she set up her easel. I’ve been drawing as far back as I can remember, but when I was 20, my mother gave me a small set of watercolors, and I was hooked. They unlocked a world of color for me,” she said.

Growing up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Carolee and her sisters were given a picturesque backdrop to begin their familial love of landscapes. Although she said she’s always known  she wanted to pursue art as more than just a hobby, Carolee decided to go to business school to obtain a degree in economics at the beckoning of her parents.

After college, she opened a business which provided freelance secretarial and office services to small businesses. After the business grew, Carolee was able to sell it for a smart profit. Her first instinct was to start another business, but she ended up listening to her gut and following her heart.
“I realized that I didn’t want to reinvest in another venture and delay my desire to follow artistic endeavors. I wanted to enjoy life doing the things I love. I decided that I would live more frugally and focus on the things that make me happy,” she said.

Soon after, Carolee met her husband and began painting for a living. She doesn’t need spectacular landscapes or supernatural scenes to create a beautiful painting. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Most of her paintings are of very common scenes—cars, every day landscapes, homes, etc. What makes them different, is her unique ability to transform those every day scenes into something spectacular through her use of color.

After much success in pursuing her creative dream, Carolee recently retired. She is no longer selling paintings or taking commissions. We were lucky enough to convince her to let us use her colorful golfer for this month’s cover. Carolee enjoys golfing and plays often now in her new retirement schedule. She also loves to care for her three cats and experience new adventures with her husband.

Carolee’s art reminds you that it is possible to bring personal passions to life. She is a pretty awesome businesswoman, but it’s obvious she was born to be an artist. To view her truly fascinating talent, log onto www.caroleeclark.wordpress.com to watch a time-lapsed video of her creating one of her last commissioned pieces on top of another painting, incorporating the two together. It’s definitely worth the watch!

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