About the Artist - Ashvin Harrison


October 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist
by Meredith M. Deal

If you have ever experienced in the delights of a box of 64 crayons, magenta is particularly considered a top five pick. This month’s cover artist, Ashvin Harrison, of northern Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, incorporates one of his favorite pastimes of bike riding and the color, magenta, into his artwork “Quintessential Cycle.” Yes, magenta is one of Ashvin’s favorite colors, too.

But life hasn’t always been magenta and bike riding for Ashvin. He started what he calls his “mixed bag of lollies” vocations working in fast food, cabinet making and cleaning. Moving on to job titles such as gardener, website builder and musician, he was able to build upon his work ethic with each career. After college it was Google Maps Street View, a job he credits as an amazing experience in “seeing the great diversity in nature and people.”  

Turning to teaching math, drama and media in school systems, amidst reaching educational department head, Ashvin decided to turn to his creative side by drawing at night. This endeavor he credits as his “happy in a side challenge.” Looking a bit further to the internet into sales, Ashvin said, “I was shocked how people seemed to like what I was creating and were willing to pay for it.”

A self-taught artist, many of Ashvin’s artworks include the mediums of charcoal with vivid splashes and spatters of acrylic paint. Explaining his mindset, he shared, “I started with house paint, as it was in the shed and free. I also had no idea acrylics even existed. I just started drawing for relaxation and did not think about whether I could draw or not. In 2017, at age 33, after creating art for two years as a hobby, I decided to leave my teaching job to be an artist full time.” He further explained, “I first added the color of acrylic splashes by accident. I dropped paint on a charcoal drawing. I thought it looked nice and complimented the charcoal so decided to continue making accidents.”

Last year, Ashvin decided to embrace a Vegan lifestyle for personal, physical and mental health benefits, as well as a greater appreciation for the animal and social impacts of his choices. Naturally, now all his paints, mediums and tools are vegan-friendly.

When asked how his art makes people feel, he answered: “I’m humbled by all the kind comments and messages on social media and emails I receive complimenting my art and unique style. The feedback I get from my art collectors around the world is usually the same: The artworks make them happy and excited about beauty and life.”

Connect with Ashvin: www.ashvinharrison.com

or on Instagram @ashvinharrisonart

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