From the Publisher - April 2014

On a Mission

On March 19, I was surprised to receive the Woman of the Year award from the United Way of the Lowcountry Women’s Leadership Council. In front of about 150 people, I listened as all the nominees were announced. Then the winner was declared and it was me.

I am an experienced public speaker, but that night I could barely get my words out. I never realized how emotional I would be in being bestowed with such an honor. It was as if 11 years of work suddenly was validated in that one award. As my voice cracked and tears streamed down my cheeks, I thanked everyone for recognizing me and the work I do through the mission of the magazine.
The mission of the magazine has always been important to me, as I put it in place before the first issue of Pink Magazine ever printed. It has remained steadfast ever since. It is also the mission of Paisley Magazine (my magazine in St. Simons Island/Brunswick, Ga.) and in the newest addition to our portfolio, LIZ Magazine in Atlanta.

The mission is: empower, inform, encourage and evoke thought—five words that can be life changing.
One day, while talking to a respected mentor and colleague, I asked her to help me carve out a standard speech to have at the ready when asked to speak about my life’s journey. I felt that I was all over the place with what I had to say. She asked me what was most important to me. Of course, I answered with the standard, “Lots of things. We do so much.”

She asked me to keep talking. Finally when I came to talk about our mission and the women who have been served through our mission, my voice cracked and tears welled up. She looked at me and said, “That is your speech. That is what you’re all about.”

It was eye opening. Sometimes, as I go through the daily grind and get wrapped up in mundane business stuff, my head forgets what it’s all about. But my heart always remembers. Through my magazines, I want women to thrive. I want them to know they have a choice to be happy and to live their best life. I truly believe that women set the tone for the world. If we are strong, confident, supportive and happy, then our community can be the same, and ultimately our world.

In expanding the magazines to Glynn County, Ga. in 2008 and North Atlanta this year, we have and are expanding our mission right along with them. When I asked my Art Director, Lindsay Gifford, why she wanted to expand the product line, she said, “Because we have something to say that everyone needs to hear.” That touched my heart and reminded me of who we are, what we do and why we do it.

If you’ve ever thought this magazine was just another magazine, I invite you to see it through my eyes and heart. You will find stories that will make you laugh, cry, think and learn. You will find something that you will want to pass on to someone you care about. You will find inspiration. You will find that every article in the magazine meets at least one of the mission’s criteria: empower, inform, encourage, evoke thought. It is that way by design. We are conscious about the material we put into the world. It matters.

Did you realize that the Partini (see page 4 for more info) is more than a party? Sure, it’s the largest ladies night out in the Lowcountry, but it is designed to meet our mission, as well. It is a gathering for women to come together, have fun and support each other in a non-judgmental, friendly atmosphere.  That’s why it’s for ALL women, regardless of age, race or creed. It’s a forum to put our mission in action—no wonder I’m always so happy at the Partini! It’s fun and it’s for you!

This month marks Pink Magazine’s 11th birthday. Wow! 11 years! Thank you all for “getting” it. Thank you for allowing the magazine to fill your heart month after month. Thanks for your continued support. Without you, our mission would stop and it’s a mission that needs to flourish inside all of us everyday. We all deserve to be empowered to live our best life. Let’s make sure we support each other and make it so! Now, let’s go inspire people…starting with you!