Reel Corner - July 2016

Declare Your Independence!

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Declare Your Independence!

Whether it is Tom Hanks playing a WWII hero, Will Smith protecting the White House, or Matt Damon as Jason Bourne keeping our CIA honest, Hollywood has supplied us with incredible Patriotic Films. The Reel Corner challenges you to a Patriotic Films “Find the Film Words Challenge”

Find the following films:Reel Corner wordsearch

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Born of the Fourth of July
Independence Day
Saving Private Ryan
The Patriot
John Adams
Band of Brothers
American Sniper
Face in the Crowd
Black Hawk Down
Captain America
Forrest Gump
Pearl Harbor
Sergeant York
The Longest Day
Top Gun
Zero Dark Thirty
Norma Rae
Hurt Locker
Red Dawn
Memphis Belle
Green Berets
Air Force One

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