Makeover - January 2016

Samantha Norris


PART ONE: It’s January. You may be one of thousands of people donning new workout clothes, heading to a new gym and exercising your resolution to finally get fit! Pink decided to offer encouragement and introduce you to Samantha Norris who got a head start by beginning her fitness program last August. We hope her enthusiasm, commitment and results—now four months into it—spur you to keep on going when the first flush of resolve fades away.

Deciding to get fit.  Samantha, a former competitive swimmer and no stranger to physical fitness, admitted she lost her way about three years ago after graduating from Penn State with a degree in hospitality and moving to Hilton Head. But now, with a new boyfriend and a recent promotion from front desk manager for the Marriott Barony Beach Club to the East Region Bench Manager, she is all in. She joined Lava Fitness this summer and started working out for an hour three days a week. Now she’s there five days a week, and part of the Platinum level fitness program, which includes unlimited access to classes, personal training classes in a small group of four and 24-hour key card access to the beautiful facility on Hilton Head.

Ty Bostic, Lava’s Director of Training and Samantha’s personal trainer said, “Samantha is the epitome of persistence.” The staff at Lava recommended Samantha  as this month’s makeover candidate describing her as a “success-in-progress.” Samantha lost four percent of her body fat in eight weeks. She said, “I never thought I could be a person who woke up at 6 a.m., went to the gym, put in a 10-hour day at work and still have energy.”

Ty said Samantha’s results after a relatively short time, are the result of her sticking to a proper training regimen. Samantha’s program uses a combination of different classes—fundamental fit, meta burn and total strength—to provide a variety of full body exercises that trick the metabolism into not knowing what to expect (often called confusion training). This knocks the metabolism off its set point and keeps it in high gear.

Samantha credits the Lava staff for providing an atmosphere that’s supportive and encouraging. “I can’t imagine not going now. They’d all get on me about where I’ve been,” she laughed. Lava also has the apps and technology to make it easy to coordinate classes with her work schedule and to monitor everything from heart rate to calories burned during each workout.

Fitness Tip From Ty: A good fitness program focuses on longevity: it keeps your medical bills down over a lifetime and helps you live longer.  It takes patience: remember it takes 13 hours to make a Toyota and six months to craft a Rolls Royce. Sometimes you have to crawl before you walk.  Start off slow, build your stamina and keep at it for the long haul.

PART TWO: On a sunny weekday morning, Samantha arrived at Hair Designers at The Village at Wexford on Hilton Head and was greeted by Miki Lansdowne, makeup artist and Yulia Michenina, hair stylist and colorist, who ushered her back to the chair.

Color: Samantha was ready to change her bleached platinum hair to a more natural blonde. Owner Mark Goodman joined the discussion and it was decided:  Highlights and low lights on top and a general darkening and deepening of the underneath hair color; four blended colors to heighten Samantha’s skin tones and accent her beautiful eyes. Yulia called it “expensive blonde.” A clarifying shampoo prepared Samantha’s hair for the multiple color processes.

Cut: Yulia added volume by giving Samantha layers on top.  She left her hair longer in front and shortened the back to elongate her face. She used two products—It’s a 10 and Agadir—for amazing shine and lustre.The result was a sleek look with swing.  Combined with the new multi-dimensional color, Samantha was sizzling.

Hairstyle Tip From Yulia:
Always apply styling products from the scalp outward. Many people mistakenly start at the hair’s tips, which overloads the ends making them too heavy and harder to manage.

Makeup: Miki started by waxing Samantha’s eyebrows for a cleaner arched line. She  applied concealer cream to even out Samantha’s skin tones. Using Aveda products, she mixed two, lightweight mineral foundations to match Samantha’s winter-fair skin tone. To complement Samantha’s sun-kissed hair and striking blue eyes, Miki used a neutral palette of subtle peach tones and slightly darker blush for contouring.  Accent shadows of blue lapis and plum created smoky eyes and Rose Blossom lipstick gave Samantha a temptress mouth. Miki used an iridescent champagne shadow under the brow to lift and illuminate the eye area and a powder rather than pencil for her brows—just slightly darker than her hair. When she turned Samantha around everyone clapped. Beautiful!

Makeup Tip From Miki: Use a darker contouring powder along and under the jaw and chin to create a cleaner, more defined line; also use it beneath the lower lip for the illusion of a fuller, pouty mouth.

Clothes: Samantha went to Seasons, a new women’s clothing boutique at Shelter Cove Harbour. She found a perfect sapphire blue Clara Sun Woo cold-shoulder tunic, flowing black pants and trendy chain and pendant jewelry. When Samantha changed into the outfit and emerged, it was a crowning moment. Thanks Samantha and best wishes at your new job!

A very major thanks to our makeover partners for making such an experience possible. Book your own makeover:

F1 Village at Wexford, HHI, SC 29928; 843-686-4247
We especially thank Miki and Yulia for making it a fun and successful day! And thanks, Mark, for Samantha’s bag of hair product goodies.

811 William Hilton Pkwy. HHI, SC 29928; 843-842-3225; Ty Bostic, Director of Training, CPT, CES

13 Harbourside (at Shelter Cove Harbour) HHI, SC 29928;

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