Makeover - February 2015


Story by Rachel Rucker
Photography by Beth Bouknight

Meet Stacey:

Stacey Kennedy Macioszek is one of those women who just makes life a little more fun than it was before you met her. Naturally sweet with just a touch of sass, Stacey is the true definition of “life of the party.” She somehow manages to juggle being a single mother of two teenage daughters and one pre-teen son, while also working a full-time job as a chef at Bess’ Delicatessen and Catering Specialists. “I’ve been a chef since I was 20. I just kind of fell into it. But you know, it’s still fun; it really is,” Stacey said.

Originally from a small town near Pittsburgh, Pa., Stacey graduated from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and immediately began her career. She moved with her then-husband to Hilton Head just under ten years ago and now says, she would never leave.

“We originally planned to only stay here about a year—moving onto other places in the U.S. as well as Europe. But here I am, all these years later,” she said.

Before working for Bess’, Stacey worked as her own boss as the original owner of Walnuts Café and Fiddlehead Pizza, both in Bluffton. Stacey said the stress levels of running your own restaurant can take away the pleasure of cooking, which is what she’s loved from the beginning. When I asked her if she would ever want to own another restaurant, she immediately said "no," but then began to rethink.

“You can never say never though. I’ve been thinking just in the back of my mind how awesome it would be to have a food truck that just sold amazing beignets,” Stacey smiled and said.

The Fresh Approach:

Julia Lynch, pro stylist and connoisseur at the Omni’s Ocean Tides Spa, was ready and willing to jump-start Stacey’s transition from everyday blah to effortless chic. Although it wasn’t Stacey’s natural color, she started with a very deep, red-brown that tended to veer more toward brassy. Julia wanted to brighten her color by lightening it to a more caramel shade and putting several highlights through the front and sides. After her color was set, Julia let Stacey know that although she wanted to keep the majority of her length fairly long, if she didn’t cut off a good bit of the damaged hair toward the back, her hair would never grow at the same rate.

“I hate to say this, but before long, she really will be working toward a mullet-style. And we don’t want that!” Julia said.

With that, Stacey entrusted the integrity of her hair, and its style, to Julia’s expert hands. After taking a few inches off the back, Julia said Stacey’s oval-shaped face was the perfect shape for a swoop-bang to soften up her features.

After cut and color, Julia began to blow-dry Stacey’s hair. And boy, were we in for a treat. Within 60 seconds, her hair had poofed up to the size of a small poodle. Julia said one thing women with course, curly and simply stated, unruly, hair can do to combat frizz in the South is put a little oil on the ends, avoiding the scalp, which not only works to tame, but also manages to keep the hair better protected from heated products. After the blow out, Julia got to work using the almighty straightener, and it did wonders.

Julia’s approach to makeup was as easy as 1-2-3, using airbrush foundation, a little blush, some contouring eye shadow and a sweep of mascara. Stacey was that much closer to the brand new her.

Clothes Line:

Roxanne Gilleland was prepared and patiently waiting on Stacey to make her arrival to The Porcupine in the Village of Wexford on Hilton Head so she could match her brand new look with a fresh new wardrobe change. She had a dozen options for Stacey to try, but it usually works out that the perfect outfit, is the very first one you try on. Stacey opted for a gorgeous pair of perfectly fitting black slacks with a simple, V-neck blouse to go under a show-stopping scarf-turned-vest, which is the perfect go-to accessory for transitioning into spring for all basic black outfits.

An understated diamond chain and classic diamond studs completed the look and Stacey was ready for a fresh start and a new lease on her newly refreshed, beautiful, crazy little thing we call life.

Book Your Own Style Takeover:

Hair & Makeup: A huge thank you to the extremely talented Julia Lynch, Erin Greene and Spa Director Andrea Shannon-Dellers for their expertise at the Ocean Tides Spa at Omni Hotels & Resorts on HHI. To book your appointment, call Erin at 843.341.8056.

Clothing: Roxanne Gilleland knew exactly what outfit would knock Stacey’s makeover out of the park. Go see her at The Porcupine in The Village at Wexford on HHI. For more information, go to or call 843.785.2779.

Are You Next? Do you want a makeover? Email an up-to-date picture and a little background information about yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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