Puppy Love with real puppies!

One from the Heart

What is it about "Puppy Love" that we find so fascinating? What is it about that concept of youthful innocence that makes us all kind of say, "Ahhhhh-isn't that sweet?"  Can it be the sheer joy, the fun playfulness, or the exuberance of that never-to-be-recaptured feeling? With us humans, we see puppy love as unconditional and non-judgmental and maybe even a bit irresponsible in a youthful kind of way, but what about puppy love among real puppies? Did the actual term come from the way puppies seem to be so full of love for the world and life in general and the way they frolic playfully with total abandon?

Well, in the case of Mike and Maggie, two of the cutest puppies this side of Lady and the Tramp, they have truly been in love since they were little and there is a bit of Lady and the Tramp in their story as well.  Little Miss Maggie is quite an upscale girl. Her owner first saw the breeder on Animal Planet and tracked down the facility in Virginia online and after several calls and trips, discovered this delightful little Cavanese. That is a combination of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Havanese. She is a real "looker" and she knows it!  Mike on the other hand is a local boy. He is right from Hardeeville and is a Spaniel mix, with some poodle just for good measure. He is a rough and tumble guy who loves to chew toys and chase squirrels.

Maggie is also very well educated. She is a graduate of not one, not two, but three levels of puppy training classes. She is also a qualified Canine Good Citizen and is prepping for her final exam to be able to visit retirement homes and assisted care facilities. Mike, on the other hand, really tried in his puppy class at PetSmart, but there was so much else going on with the other dogs, people, kids, and parrots that he simply could not seem to focus. All right, the bottom line is he never finished and has not tried for his GED either. Maybe next year! 

Mike is not nearly so well traveled as Maggie either. She has not only been on several trips to Virginia, and Atlanta, but has also stayed at the very exclusive boarding facility at Disney World in Orlando. Yes, you can go to Disney World and if you stay in one of the Disney World hotels, you can not only board your pet at the Disney facility, but your family can go an visit any time they like. Mike, on the other hand, has only been to scenic downtown Detroit, Michigan which is not much of a trip any way you look at it, and he really prefers to stay at home and have his favorite pet sitter, Jacie Millen, come to stay at his house. She spoils him and he loves it.

The place they really love though, and this means both of them, is the beach. Yes, they are really Hilton Head Island dogs. Mike runs, digs, splashes, sniffs other dogs, plays catch/fetch and generally has a ball. So does Maggie. She gives new meaning to the term "social animal." At the ocean she really lets her hair down and lives the life of a beach girl. They both are also happy to be HHI Ambassadors, too. They are pleased to jump up on tourists and locals alike with wet sandy paws and give a friendly lick and a big kiss.

Maggie and Mike met when they were both puppies. They live two houses down the street from each other. When Maggie walks by Mike's house she literally walks sideways pulling on her leash to see if Mike is at home. When the garage door is open, that is her signal. Mike, on the other hand, barks and whines whenever she passes by, and when he walks past her house he never fails to leave a message on her mailbox. He is famous for his totally unique "pee pee Valentine." Maybe this does not seem romantic to you, but remember, this is puppy love and Maggie knows that it means "thinking of you, and I just stopped by to say hello."

Usually in order to qualify for "One From The Heart" you must do something for the good of the community in a volunteer effort and Mike and Maggie are no exception. Mike is preparing to be involved in the "Paws To Read" program at the Boys and Girls Club of Hilton Head Island, and Maggie, as stated earlier, is a qualified Canine Good Citizen and has lots of engagements on her horizon. Mike also loves to babysit his special friend Pepper, even though she is an older woman. They also bring smiles, kisses, and love to their neighborhood. Cars stop to greet them on their walks, their other dog friends Rags and Neuman are always on the top line to say hello, and their owners always "pick up the poo" as should all responsible dog owners.