Missy Gentile

About the Artist


Missy Gentile was born Mary Elizabeth Gentile in upstate New York, where she grew up with seven siblings. After graduating from Lock Haven University in 1982, she bought a one-way ticket to Paris, France, and with $200 in her pocket, her adventure began. "I was surrounded by so much beauty and rich culture that I could not help but feel inspired by the exquisite architecture, and the spirits of so many creative people and artists who had lived there before me."

From the inspiration she gained in Paris, Missy's career took off after moving back to the States in 1991, settling in Houston, Texas. She opened her first art gallery in 1993, but what she found in Texas was more than just success. She began volunteering at the Omega House, a facility for terminal AIDS patients, where she worked with the patients in a stress-free and creative environment, hoping to bring out their feelings through art and color. "This was an extremely humbling and satisfying experience for me, as it made me aware of my own humanity and mortality." Missy also volunteered with the Pink Ribbons Project, has contributed to the Texas Medical Branch Children's Organ Donation Division, and has taught art to inner city children.

A great deal of Missy's inspiration comes from her passion for inspiring and serving others. "I believe at the core of every artist's heart is an abundance of love and joy, and the only way to give that love and joy is to create it through their art. My art reflects no boundaries; what your eyes see is what it is; how the art moves you is most important."

Missy's list of accomplishments includes having a few of her pieces featured in "Art Business News", including a painting she did in remembrance of September 11. "A source of intense inspiration came to me the day after the horrific attack. I was strongly affected and found myself painting for almost 24 hours after the attack. I created two paintings: '9.11' and 'America Cries' . I felt like an invisible power guided my hand and brush."

Missy Gentile has a heart for art and for service. Her work reflects her values of love, joy, power, and inspiration for women. This month's cover piece, "Feeling Her Power", is one of Missy's favorite pieces because it reflects the inner peace and power she feels women portray. Evin Yager, the owner of "Feeling Her Power" said in regards to the piece, "Its simplicity and strength move me every time I look at it. When I'm feeling good, she reflects and validates my confidence and wholeness. When I'm feeling down, she reminds me that her powerful hands belong to every woman, and that whatever they reach for, they can attain."

To learn more about Missy and her work, please email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..