Mia Mance

Hear Me Roar


December 2019 Issue
Mia Mance
Savannah, GA

Hometown: My mother was nomadic so I grew up everywhere; I was born in Atlanta, GA, but also raised in Arizona, Michigan and Virginia, lived in Madrid and that’s not counting all the states Radio has taken me.

Career: Owner of MIA TALKS, Media and Marketing; Program Director for G100 the Throwback Station, Public Service Director at DBC Radio and Radio personality on G100 and Rewind 107.9

Our theme this month is #BeTheDifference. What is something you’re passionate about that makes a difference? I am passionate about the success and elevation of all people. If I can spark one person, a room of kids, a room of business leaders to see their greatness, power, ability to make a deep impact and then pass that gift on to others, I feel like I have used my voice, work, leadership and power for the good of others.

Keeping with the #BeTheDifference theme, who has made the biggest difference in your life? My husband, Attorney Chad Mance of the Mance Law Firm, LLC, and his decision to love me, and not just the woman I am, but the woman I aspire to be, the woman my soul craves to be, the woman who is fearless, a strong woman, a woman who loves people and her community while maintaining her devotion to him and his purpose. My husband starts his day at 5 a.m. and devotes a minimum of 12 hours to his work, he takes on others’ hurts and problems and works to bring them justice and restore their dignity. He fights for his clients and their families because he believes in their inherent self-worth and in humanity. His fight for others, his fight for civil rights, equality and economic equality in the African-American community is inspiring; I am married to a walking inspiration 365 days a year.

You are a successful radio broadcaster and program director, a new wife, a member of many civic organizations and an advocate for many causes. What are your secrets to juggling it all, doing it so well and not losing yourself in the process? Jesus! Seriously everything I am doing I feel called to do. If I do not feel like GOD is somewhere in it, you will not see me doing it.

You’re an on-air radio show personality. What’s the most fun thing about being a way-cool-DJ? All the AMAZING, WONDERFUL PEOPLE I get to meet.

Tell us about the most hilarious thing that ever happened to you on air. I try to laugh at myself every day, because I am pretty bold and outspoken on-air, but add Stacy Scott from sister stations HOT 98.3 and Rewind 107.9 and anything can come out of our mouths.

You’ve received some impressive awards. Tell us about them and what they mean to you. Wow, G100 won Radio Station of the Year in 2017 from the Georgia Broadcasters Association. In 2016 I won Radio Personality of the Year from the Georgia Broadcasters Association, 2017 Volunteer of the Year with the Junior League of Savannah, 2019 Stride Honoree for Broadcasting from the Savannah Sisterhood Symposium and 2015 Women Who Rock award from Women Rock Savannah. Being recognized for your work, service and basically not doing it for the outcome, but because I strive to be the very best in anything I do, it means EVERYTHING! I was once a little girl with not a lot who just had BIG DREAMS. I feel like anything is possible if you commit to what you are doing with 1000 percent of who you are.

What would you do if you had a million dollars to spare? I would invest half of it because being a property investor is on my life to-do list. I would use the other half to send kids to college, trade schools and technical schools so they can have a free education and not be burdened by student loan debt.

What song makes you cry every time? What song lifts you up when you feel down? Lee Ann Womack “I Hope You Dance.” We played it at our wedding, my mom and I love that song, and at my funeral I want it played loud so people remember to dance every day God blesses you with a day on earth. Anything Mariah Carey will always be my mood lifter. She is my music idol and icon; her voice is a divine gift from GOD!

If you could have a super power, what would yours be? I do have a super power— it’s the way I LOVE! I pour love into everything: My husband; family; friends; coworkers; pets; neighborhood; community; work; strangers ... everyday! Even if you don’t like me, darn it, I WILL STILL LOVE YOU!

If you could tell women anything, and knew for sure they would listen, what would you say? OWN YOUR AWESOMENESS, be you, be bold, wear the cute dress, speak your mind, RUN FOR A POLITICAL OFFICE, stand up for yourself, get paid YOUR WORTH, start your family, start a business and LET SOMEONE LOVE YOU. Know that GOD made you PERFECTLY and never let anyone or anything diminish HOW TRULY DIVINE, BEAUTIFUL AND AWE-INSPIRING YOU ARE!

What are you currently roaring about? Protect your peace of mind! If it’s toxic, brings you down, weighs you down BE WILLING TO LET IT GO!

Which do you prefer the most?
“Elf” or “Christmas Vacation”? Christmas Vacation, I am an 80’s baby!

Cake or Cookies? The whole plate of chocolate chip cookies!

Big Party or Small Gathering? Small gathering, I thrive best and feel most secure in intimate and private moments.

Tacos or Sushi? Sushi, I need a personal sushi chef!

Dogs or Cats? Dogs! I love my fur kids Diva,15 and Solomon, 2

Flowers or Chocolate? Flowers, they make me feel so feminine and loved!

Slow songs or fast songs? Fast songs to dance to!

Heels or Flats? Both, depending on how many hours I have been on my feet.

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Hot coffee is the only way to start the day!

Weekend Get-aways or Weekend Home Projects? Getaways, my life always needs more travel!