Lisa Lovette

A Princess Warrior


We all have a story. Oddly enough, only a handful of people in this world know all the details that make up the colorful reality of our lives. I often wonder, as I brush shoulders with the woman next to me at the deli counter, what is happening in the hearts of strangers that I bump into all day long. I'll think to myself, "Is this woman, who also has a liking for peppered turkey, a woman of great wisdom? Or has she suffered in life? Or is she suffering now? Or," I'll even think, "Is she full of funny jokes?" We just don't know what people are going through, or where they've come from.

When I first talked to Lisa Lovette on the phone, I was immediately taken aback. Just days before I called to set up our appointment together, her sister had passed from cancer. I asked Lisa if she still wanted to partake in the interview this month, and she reassured me that, yes, we should still meet. So, we set a date.

When I arrived, I arrived to hugs and compliments, a beautiful home, and an energetic woman ready to share life secrets. As we began to write down the rather incredible particulars of her life, I kept thinking about how she must still be grieving her sister's death and how hard this must all be for her. And it's not that it didn't seem hard for her, it's just that she seemed so peaceful. So I asked if we could talk about her. And with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, she said, "Her name is Lori."

What you need to know about Lisa is that she belongs to Christ. And I mean really belongs to Christ. I think some people say that sentence but their life still looks like they belong to just themselves. And while her sister had been sick for nearly two years, it was during the last stages of her life that Lisa was in Honduras serving on a mission trip with a group, she founded called Princess Warriors. The whole theme and importance of this group, which meets for bible study, worship and fellowship, comes from Isaiah 61, where it talks about Christ coming to earth to set the captives free. Lisa's whole life is now about serving Christ to continue to set captives free through the promises found in scripture. Lisa had made it to the hospital the morning her flight left for Honduras to tell her sister where she would be, when she would be back, and that she loved her.

While in Honduras, reaching people to tell them about Christ and what He offers, a little boy approached her and said, "My brother died this week, too." Lisa was amazed, and of course heart broken. This child prodded her, through the Lord, to call her sister and find her still alive, providing another opportunity to tell her how much she loved her. But soon, as Lisa slept, she had a profound dream. In her dream, she was in a big house with all of her family, and there was a beautiful party taking place. As they were enjoying themselves, she noticed loud noises and even thuds from the upstairs floor. She was curious as to what it was, and just then she spotted Lori, climbing the steps to the second floor. Lisa quickly realized that the better party was happening upstairs and tried to follow her sister, but her mom stopped her and told her to stay. She remembered the feeling of disappointment before she awoke. She texted her husband and asked if her sister was still alive. He wrote back, "You better call me." And from there, she received the heartbreaking news.

Lisa's story is so diverse and immensely beautiful. Unfortunately, there is simply not room to write it all down. However, she told me to write this in whatever way would bring God most glory. I thought sharing this tragedy would be a testament to the peace God brings to His people when he carries them through the hard parts. Lisa said that she is fully assured that she will see her sister in heaven again, and that she can find joy in that. What a testament to her God! Isaiah 46:4 says, "I will be your God throughout your lifetime-until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you."

Up Close:
Her ministry:
Princess Warriors meets in Bluffton, and you can find all the details at From there you will also find a link to Lisa's personal blog.
Her first job: She worked for the DEA in Washington, DC, before women really worked in the field. She is a trailblazer!!
You'd be surprised to know: She sold a screenplay once!
Her family: Husband, Craig, and 4 boys: Hayden, Ross, Drew and Lukas.