Jerri Thomas

Hear Me Roar


What’s the most fabulous thing you’ve bought lately?
A large shipment of my “Jerri Boots” from Spain that I have tweaked somewhat and made even more killer. They are arriving with “BLEU by SENDRA, Handmade in Spain” imprinted on both the shaft and insole!

What makes you laugh so hard you cry? 
Usually I find myself laughing the hardest at all the hysterical, clumsy, or awkward moments I seem to have! I have a lot! Then of course there is Bon Qui Qui, who is really hysterical!

Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker?
I prefer to think of myself as a Rule Shaker! I guess that means being a Rule Maker and Rule Breaker. I definitely respect rules and try to honor them as long as I am not compromising who I am and what I believe in! We should always question why the rule is a rule instead of merely an option; otherwise we are never truly being our own unique person.

Is there anything you can’t let go of but know you should?

I can never part with any of my favorite articles of clothing no matter how ancient they are! I just can’t let go of jeans, jackets, novelty tee shirts, and long dresses or skirts. I have some from high school, no joke! Then there are all my books, dating back to early childhood! I just can’t let go of Dr. Suess!

What would your friends say is unique about you?
I actually asked my closest friends because I didn’t want to speak for them. Their answers made me cry! They answered, “You are a true friend, crazy, unconventional, but on point, passionate, giving, hardworking, Bleutimous, and we love you for who you are.” Funny thing is, that is exactly what I would say is unique about all of them and why I LOVE them so!

What are three fears you have?
Honestly, fear is a “four letter” word to me! Fear can stifle creativity and prevent you from being who you are. Today is the day to do, feel and express yourself because tomorrow is not a given!

What do you like most about yourself? 
What I like most about myself is probably what others might like the least! I like that I can always find things to do or ways to entertain my mind, no matter where I am or if no one is around! I love being spontaneous and adventurous and never worry what to do next. Routine saves us from worrying about the unknown, but it bores me.

What’s a song that takes you back to good memories?
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling! My husband has been known to get down on his hands and knees in public places and sing this song to me! Yes, kind of like the Top Gun movie scene, but he is better than Tom Cruise!

What’s something you want to be remembered for?
I just want to be remembered for being myself, “no sugarcoating” and helping others realize that beauty is only skin deep!

How can people shop The Bleu Company?
Stop by: 807 William Hilton Parkway, HHI (across from Shelter Cove); Log on:; Call us: 843.341.2538

Hear Me Roar means:
Celebrating, accepting and loving everyone unconditionally for who they are! I believe by being our own Bleutimous selves we can define perfection as we see it and not perfection defined by others. So let’s all ROAR!