Hilton Head Junior Varsity Lady Seahawks


This basketball season, the Hilton Head Island High School JV Girls Basketball team played the season of their dreams. The third quarter of the game against Bluffton was a most memorable moment for the team.  The Seahawks were down and finally challenged for what seemed like the first time the entire season.  This was exactly what the team had been looking for.  The girls played an intense game, came back, and won.  The team had a couple of tough games, but they were mostly in control.  Their ability to control led them to finish the season undefeated. 

It wasn't all easy for these champions.  According to the team, North Charleston and Lake Marion put up a good fight.  "At the game against Lake Marion, we were undersized.  We thought 'this is going to be hard!'"  Size aside, the girls pulled through and stunned us all. 

Starters on the team were Melissa Damas, Kara Kamperman, Jessica Lindgren, Sarah Manesiotis, and Madeleine Mayer.  These girls are star athletes.  Kamperman and Damas both scored 17 points in a game.  "We had some great players.  The girls were real team players and there were no real go-to super stars.  They are all good players and always played together every game" says assistant coach Mike Manesiotis.  Mike Manesiotis has been coaching for eight years.  Before coaching JV, Manesiotis coached basketball at the Rec Center, AEU basketball, and seventh and eighth grade basketball.  "Gary Fillmore is the head coach.  I'm just the man behind the curtain."  Whoever the coach, it's obvious that their hard work and dedication helped to end the season with a fantastic achievement.  Manesiotis says, "The beauty of the whole thing is that the girls had a goal before the whole season, and we reached it!"