Dwanna Paul

Beyond the Veil: Connecting to the Other Side

Dwanna PaulDwanna Paul
Beyond the Veil: Connecting to the Other Side

by Jane Kendall    Photography by Christian Lee

Highly skilled mediums are a rare find. Until the popularity of the television show Medium, most people were unaware of them. A medium is a person who can access messages from departed loved ones in the spirit world. We are extremely fortunate to have one of the best in the United States reside part-time in the Lowcountry. A trance medium since childhood, Dwanna Paul has been channeling messages of hope and healing from those who have departed to their families and loved ones.
As far back as she can remember, Dwanna has been determined to investigate what this world is all about, beyond what can normally be perceived. She somehow always knew there was more than what was visible in the physical world around her. In the 1980s, Dwanna hosted a television talk show covering various metaphysical subjects. She later enrolled in formal training to further develop her talents at the Arthur Finley College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences near London, England and the Lily Dale Assembly in New York State. She also served as a resident guest medium at the spiritualist Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. By 1984, Dwanna was holding weekly circles in her home for people to gather and connect with their departed relatives. Her Circle of Lights gatherings call forth spirit entities from other dimensions and show themselves in the form of twinkling lights and orbs. These phenomena have actually been recorded with specialize infrared cameras. To experience such a gathering invites one to be open to the possibilities of other dimensions.
In December 2015, Dwanna’s spirit guides instructed her to create the Healing with the Angels gathering. The evening begins with a meditation to call in the angels. Participants sit in a chair at the front of the room one a time. Dwanna places her hands on their shoulders and forehead as they drift into a peaceful, blissful and relaxed state, which allows the healing energy to flow through them. Participants have reported various experiences, from visions and lights and scents of flowers to permanent relief of chronic physical and emotional pain.
Dwanna has gathered an entire team of spirit guides to assist with her clients’ healing. They all have names, personalities and individualized jobs. They give messages from the other side, detailing events about the departed person’s life on the earth's plane, as well as descriptions of their landscape on the other side. Even if the person’s relatives are from another country and speak a language Dwanna is not familiar with, her spirit guides always provide accurate and relevant messages. Dwanna’s greatest satisfaction is seeing healing from deep grief of family members who have lost loved ones.
Having guides and angels around us is not unique to mediums. Dwanna believes everyone has them: “We all get signals around us, such as feelings or sensations, and we need to take note of them.” A few times a year Dwanna offers classes in mediumship. Here she teaches participants how to meditate, identify their unique spiritual gifts, awaken sensitivity and awareness of their spirit team and develop empathy for those in grief.
With uncanny insight into many mysterious and haunted locations in the southern United States, Dwanna has contributed greatly to the establishment of landmark paranormal destinations, including the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, Texas. She has been featured on many television programs: Travel Channel’s Weird Travels , Sightings, A Current Affair, and the CBS Special, Haunted Lives.
Dwanna travels all over the country sharing her energy and healing gifts. She currently holds Circle of Lights and Healing with the Angels gatherings, as well as mediumship development classes in Bluffton, Dallas and St. Simons Island, GA. She is available for private consultation to individuals and groups, both in person and by telephone.
Dwanna would like for everyone to know that death is not the end: “Death is the beginning. You will live again in a new light form that knows no boundaries. Do not be afraid.”


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Greatest hope: That her work will transform the fear of death and show people we are multi-dimensional beings.
The afterlife: Life continues after death and there are great adventures to be experienced on the other side.
Contact information: www.dwannapaul.com; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 972-735-8188