Carol Gordon

One from the Heart

Carol Gordon is not only the proud owner of a beautiful and welcoming home and a lovely garden (designed and maintained by her husband, Norm), but also the pet of the year! Yes, Carol has it all. Perhaps the thing she has in most abundant supply, though, is a sense of humor. She has the gift of seeing the funny side of anything and everything.

The Gordons bought a lovely home a couple of years ago that had a beautiful lagoon view and not much else-not awful, but a little on the blah side. Enter Carol, master handicraft person of all time! She can sew, make curtains, create pillows and accessories, hang wallpaper, and put her own take on anything she sees in a magazine-all on a budget, too. After extensive remodeling, Carol says, "When we moved out of the Snow Belt, out went our cherry wood pieces and in came my idea of an African theme."

Unique African-themed wall hangings, pictures, and accessories highlight the home, most created by Carol. My favorite is a picture of a large leopard with his head turned slightly to one side as if he hears some distant rustle of leaves. Accent pillows, cushions and seat covers carry out the theme.

She has recently had a dream come true as well. "I couldn't find any good African animal pictures," she said, "so we decided to go to Africa and take our own pictures! Norm and I are so very excited about it."

The traffic pattern also makes it a great party house, which was very important, because the Gordons love to entertain. As an only child, Carol always had to invite friends over or organize activities if she wanted to be with people. Carrying on that tradition, her home is always gracious and open. Play cards, sit in the sunroom and watch a movie, or enjoy a fabulous dinner-not enough? Carol always has a funny joke or story, too.
She has many more as of two months ago when she and Norm became the proud owners of a new puppy. They had a wonderful Shih Tzu named Suzy Q who passed on in 2001, and Carol felt lost without her. Finally, with the help of their daughter, they found a "love-at-first-sight" Shih Tzu puppy from a breeder on Lady's Island. "I don't know where that adorable, sleepy little puppy has gone, but in her place we now have an eight-month-old holy terror," she said. "If you see a little old lady being dragged down the street at a trot behind a little black and white dog, it will be me, for sure! She is still cute and adorable and loves everyone to extremes. The only time she is quiet is when she is sound asleep. She is talented though. She thinks she is a hairdresser and combs my hair with her claw. A bite on the ear usually follows! I think the groomers will change their phone number after Pepper's first session."

Carol passed on a funny story she overheard at the vet's office: A little old lady who took out her teeth to take a nap woke to find her dog had eaten them. Carol says all Pepper has eaten is a crossword puzzle dictionary and the leg off of an end table!

As I said, Carol loves to make handcrafted items, but that is not the half of it. She creates the most beautiful and unique purses you have ever seen, donating them to worthy charitable causes. Boy, do they make great auction items! Carol, too, was the second president and co-founder of the Indigo Run Women's Club and is still active as a special interest group chairman and charter member some 10 years later. The Women's Club is a real gift to the Indigo Run community as is Carol Gordon!

Up Close

Q. What do you do to relax?
A. After a day with Pepper, we both look forward to "Happy Hour." Norm has a vodka tonic and I have a highball. Pepper has both if we are not careful!

Q. Do you have lots of hobbies?
A. Yes, you know I am a crafter-jack of all trades. I have not done much lately though, as it is hard to knit when your dog is chewing on one of your knitting needles. My favorite is making felted handbags.

Q. How long have you and Norm been married?
A. We have been married 53 years and have two children and two grandchildren.

Q. What do you like to do in the evenings?
A. We love to play bridge and we especially like to go to the theatre.

Q. Is there anything else people should know about you?
A. Yes, I am a foodie-a foodaholic! I have a side-by-side fridge, two other small refrigerators, and a large deep freezer. I also have a jam-packed pantry that is pretty good sized. This is for two people, mind you. I can't resist a food bargain!